Party Weekend!

Discussion in 'General' started by Kramer, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. So I'm gonna be hanging out with a minor who's birthday is this weekend (still think he's a minor), but he's my homegirl's brother and we're all going to OKC to party and get fucked up with their mother.

    It's gonna be rad shit.

    Lots of alcohol and weed.

    Hopefully I can cop some harder drugs.

    But shit, little dude's other brother is a master flipper, and surely his meth-head ways can cop some shit.

    So shit man. The weekend starts tomorrow and ends Sunday night.

    Who's partyin'?
  2. OKC to get fucked up with a mother with a minor? lol.
  3. That's how the story goes...

    This whole family I hang with are crazy motherfuckers.
  4. Well, better than boredom I guess :)

    Ah, to be in the midwest again.
  5. The methheads do keep my days interesting.

    Almost as bad as the NYC Crack Epidemics in the early 90's for sure.

    Still though. /shrug Cool people.
  6. I'm hoping to get fucked up this weekend.. Handful of soma, some addys, percs and klonopin too.

    Pop em all and see where I wake up on monday.
  7. No party for me. :(
  8. I keep thinking of "Brave New World" when someone says soma. lol
  9. Luckily I am going to be smoking lots this weekend. Then sunday is shroom day. Hoping to make some tea.
  10. Haha Adious Huxley is a helluva writer.

    And hopefully I'll have shrooms for this trip as well, I forgot that I have some cow shit that's fruiting cubes so fingers crossed! :D
  11. You'd think I'd go out and looking at cow in Oklahoma.

    I'd rather just grow it.
  12. I actually only paid a dollar to go out to a cow field and pick 2 2cu.ft. feed bags full of colonized patties.

    I just threw em under my friends pool deck and nature does the rest.
  13. Should be heading over to a pretty big party at my buddy's house on Saturday.

    Blunts and Brew alllllll night :D
  14. Ok, my party is starting early!

    12 soma down the hatch! :D

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