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  1. Anybody got any crazy party stories?

    This one time when I was 16 I went to a rave. The rave was shit but me and my boys all got completly shitfaced and started chatting up these university bitches in their accommodation blocks.

    We weren't having much luck, seeing as I shouted 'YO BITCH ADD ME ON XBOX' and whatever

    Was funny though, friend caught it on camera

    I'd like to think i've matured since then but whatever :bongin:
  2. this one kid had a party at his house right on the water. it was pretty crazy, a bunch of bud and a bunch of beer. He had another one a few months later and his house got BLOWN up. There must have been 50 people in this house, and it really wasnt that spacious. This kid's parents are out of town and he would be FUCKED if he got caught. Well sure enough, his grandma who happens to live across from him comes up to his house and busts the party. shit was wild
  3. Approximatly...two parties ago, we were all sitting around this table, drinking our rum and puffin our bud, when I started muttering to myself the lyrics to Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. One of my friends sitting next to me heard, and started singing too. The song spread like wildfire and about 30 fucked up people were singing in unison. It was all very piraty if you take into account the five bottles of Captain Morgan floating around :)
  4. Cool stories, bro's.

    i dont know if this is a cool or bad thing, but i always end up going to the drug-sections of parties ahhaha like in random rooms gettin stupid retarded with like 15 random people, or nodded out on teh couch (substances we can not speak on grasscity) at a 100+ people rager for new years. the next day on Facebook i got about 40 friends requests and they all said the same thing "Dude, ive never seen someone look so fucked up in my life last night". that ws probably the illest party ever.
  5. One time I went to a party and smoked some marijuana and drank some alcoholic beverages. I met a drunk girl and proceeded to bring her to my house with the intent to fornicate with her, but in my intoxicated state I did not notice she was a man until he whipped out a massive penis, and I puked all over it. True story, bro.
  6. My first real bash I went to, was out in the boonies in this clearing cut out in the woods, there was somthing like 6 kegs and 300+ people (rednecks, blackpeople, mexicans, gangster),,, every one got hella drunk and this girl fell into the bond fire, and then when all the kegs were empty every one started fighting and it turned into a full scale riot, I was chilling away from it smoking a broke n half blunt, and all the fighting ended with gunshots and everybody left, but my friends and I stayed and I go back to the fire and randomly see my next door neighbor, Best party I ever went to
  7. This isn't really crazy but at this one party two dudes got into a fight in the house...their friends broke it up and one of the guys along with his friends were kicked out of the house. Well those guys that got kicked out waited outside for the other guy to come out of the house.....What ends up happening is the other guy comes out of the house with all his friends and both groups decide that it will just be a 1 on 1 fight at a specific location...the whole time everyone was really amped up and angry but it was agreed upon multipleee times that only these two guys would fight 1 on 1....well to make this story short everyone got to the location where the two dudes were going to fight 1 on 1 and turns out there was fighting but those two duded never touched eachother...turned into a brawl between the two groups lol.
  8. This one is funny

    So last year when I was a freshmen in college I went up to Rutgers with my roommate cause parties here are kinda small. The reason we went was to hook up with some girls and my GF dumped me the day before and I needed a rebound. We end up going with 3 more people including: 2 asians and my best freind who came from school in boston cause he was on break. The reason we brought the asians was because in order to enter some frat parties you need a certain ratio. These two asian girls are foreign exchange btw. So we get there follow the crowds and find this huge party that's 3 floor big. So we all go our sepreate ways except the two asians. My roommate introduces me to her and we start talking and she gets me some beers and jungle juices. I end up drinking so much that the next thing I know Im in my dorm bed. Pretty confused and hungover. When I ask my roommate what happend he told me:
    1.You got drunk and told this chick you where in a band and opened for Bon Jovi and this girl belived it (Gotta love Rutgers)
    2.You got so drunk and belived it
    3.So this girl lead you upstairs into the bathroom and he doesnt know what happened with me and her
    4.We lost the asians
    5.We looked all over the campus and found them at the upstairs attic with a random kid
    The guys asked us are these your asians
    and my roommates like yeah why?
    He says I've been asking them to fuck for two hours and they dont understand me
    6. When I got to the campus I ran 3 blocks away and my roomate chased me
    When asked why I ran i responded I felt like it
    7. Party got busted btw after the asians were found and some football player jumped out the back window to escape
    8. Went to the suite-mates room and hide my jeans in there last drawr when the were sleeping

    That was that epic night haha
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    I went to 2 parties within 2 weeks in March of 2009 and now trying to figure out which
    was which. Got many small memories of each that are going together, so have to think
    hard on this one lol.

    No idea which one happened first, so I'll just choose my favorite and call it "Party #1"
    It was in a house and I was there with 3 other people. I remember talking to some guys
    about World of Warcraft and sharing gold-making tips and they were impressed about
    making 7k gold in 3 days. One of them logged on his computer to show me his druid.
    Some people watched me chug a few beers. The only way to drink the usual American
    pisswater beers.

    After a few beers, the kid I drove to the party who I didn't know well walked into the
    kitchen with a joint the size of a toilet paper tube and everyone there passed it for a bit.
    Stood in the kitchen most of the time, smoked cigarettes and chugged beers while talking
    to friends. After the party was over, I had to drive everyone home while drunk and try to
    take directions. I don't remember if this was the party that required a beer run before
    going and let the other kid drive while I drank one of those beers.
    Party #2 was in a basement not far from the first one. I had like 3 or 4 beers there and there
    was sort of an outhouse in the basement with no light, so there was piss all over the floor
    which I had no choice but to add to. It was mostly 15-16 year olds at the party and I was
    2 months from 19, so I felt out of place. I watched these drunken high school idiots most
    of the time and got like 2 hits off a joint.

    Then the girl's dad wanted everyone to leave so I had like 8 fuckers in my car and I
    was drunk again. There was a police officer parked right across from my car while a
    bunch of drunken, stoned kids were piling into my car and he didn't do a thing.
    Luckily, I only had to drop them all off in 1 spot and then went home.
    Then there was a small party in Summer of 2007. I had a dime in my pocket of some
    orange weed that was pretty potent for being schwag. The girl had a pool in her
    back yard and this house was only down the road from mine. All of my neighbourhood
    friends were there and that was when one of our friends smoked weed for the first time.
    He'd always been around weed, even acted as middleman a couple times, but never
    smoked it and loved the smell. Well he got fried that night. And drunk. And it was

    We sat in someone's room in the house and talked and then he decided to look through
    a dresser drawer. He found ribbed condoms and we laughed about that for a long time.
    "Ribbed for her pleasure" became sort of an in-joke. I think he took it out and blew it
    up like a balloon or maybe that was someone else at a different time. Went outside
    and other 2 friends were completely smashed. One was just sitting on the ground not
    moving with her head hanging down and eventually I heard a liquid sound. When she
    vomited, it just poured out. And there just happened to be a dog next to her, and he
    got puked on. And licked it off his fur. And then licked up the puddle of vomit.

    My other friend was missing his shirt and pants I think. So I had to escort him home
    wearing boxers and shoes. Might've had his shirt, I don't remember too well. It took
    like 15 minutes to get him home because he kept sitting down in the middle of the
    street. I think he knocked over a bunch of stuff when he got inside and woke up his
    mom. I don't remember how my other friend got home, the one that vomited.
    The first time I hit a bong was at a party in 2004. Wasn't much to remember except
    that. We got stoned and talked to some people. It was in the apartment across from
    my friend's.

  10. Wait so...

    You were at a party that had a total of 4 guys? Who sat in a room talking about world of warcraft, smoking weed, and drinking beers?

    Epic party
  11. My high school graduation night. I had it in my recroom quite a ways from my house where my parents were. 120 kids...started off doing shots with this girl to loosen up (i was stressin about cops LOL) so i take 5 shots of jager. Everyone is lovin it, i go outside to smoke a blunt with my friend. before we could even spark it, i saw the flashlights and screamed COPS as loud as I could. Some people got away, and I like to think that I helped them out :) lets just say being lined up in your own backyard with close to 100 other friends and upwards of 30 officers (i shit you not) is no good. It's even worse when your parents come out...up until then though it was such a dope party. My parents say we didn't even wake them up? anyways, here's what happens next. the cops barge in and tackle me while my buddy is standing right there. he starts yelling at them for attacking me and he gets verbally ABUSED by a grown man who wasn't even a cop (parent volunteer i guess lol). Cops are trying to get into this recroom and i have to go get my parents. I forgot to add, I had about 2 grams, a pipe, and 2 adderall in my pocket. I cleverly ditch those when i go to get my parents (claimed my parents slept naked so i could be left alone to get them). They come out and order my parents to open the door. Well, they don't have the key, I do. My mom keeps telling these pigs she doesn't have the key and the motherfucker pulls a gun! I wish I was kidding, I was drunk and this pissed me off more than anything. I tell them, " I have the keys man I've been yelling that for the past 5 minutes." So after they blatantly ignored me offering the keys, now they have them. This dumb fuck can't even figure out how to open the door. (There were 2 locks he only tried 1 lol)While he's trying and failing to open the door he yells, "they've barricaded the door we gotta take it down." Im thinkin, holy shit i tell the cop that maybe he should try the other lock before destroying my property. So now they have the door open and everyone is outside. Get all lined up in my backyard, probably about 100 of us. they separate us into 3 groups, anyone less than 18 that consumed, anyone 18 and over that consumed, and those who did not consume. That gets sorted out and there is only like 70 people there (some people straight up hopped my fence while in line). While everyone else is lined up, im out by my recroom talking to cops with my parents. I see them bring in the drug dog, who promptly finds an open tent in my yard to fall asleep in :smoke: so pretty much they take out all the alcohol from my recroom (over 500 beers and 10 fifths), which they ended up just leaving there for me to drink later haha. Basically we all get taken away to this processing center blah blah blah mugshot blah blah mandatory drug counseling....bullshit. I get back to my house at 5 am and just start cleaning up the mess. I find around 4 separate dubs stashed in my recroom which was a plus. I also found a cyclone that I smoked right before I finally went to bed.

    that was 2 years ago, and I'll let you know that due to inconsistent police reports and lack of a search warrant upon entry (and other minor details like pulling a gun and tackling me) nothing happened. That's my high graduation night story. aka the craziest night of my life
  12. lmao i said the same thing. he said it was his favorite too. if you read the rest of the stories there pretty wack too, not to be adick or anything.
  13. Lol, yeah, thought the same thing.
  14. ^NIce thats funny as hell

    Well, like 2 years ago when I was a sophmore in college, I was home for a fall break or thanksgiving break I can't really remember. But it was a small party at this girl's house whos friend I was getting with at the time. My one buddy and I were drinking vlady, which got me pretty nice, then I had a couple beers from the girls fridge that was supposed to be her parent's beer. Well eventually me and the girl I was getting with go down to basement in the dark and starting hooking up. Next thing you know, she's giving me dome and when I bust, I said "You like the taste of that?" and right after I said that I heard my friends jump out from behind the stairs where they were hiding fucking cracking up hardcore then I just lost it and started laughing too.
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  16. Lol this just made the thread rofl.
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    No, I drove the 4 of us to the party where there were about 20 people.
    I wasn't very clear on that part. Started with 3 friends calling me to go to the party
    and we went there.
  18. Once at a bondfire my friend passed out and rolled into the bondfire when he was sleeping. Went up like a roman candle. He was in the hospital for a month. I wasn't actually there for that, which I'm thankful for.

    Another time we were drinking at a bus stop and this guy with a torn shirt tried stealing my back pack. I chased him down broke his nose and threw him down a hill.

    Another time I was smoking hash at a party with like fourty people and a fight broke out and this fifteen year old girl (who was probably on shrooms) locked herself in the bathroom and was yelling that she was gonna call the cops. This dude kicked down the door and dragged the girl out into the kitchen and held her face under the faucet. She passed out and the party continued. She remembered none of this the next day.

    I've also partied at a state troopers barracks. Cousin is a statie and they were having a kegger. No bud though

    Partied with a bunch of Heroin junkies tailgating a phish concert in Santa Monica. Didn't shoot up myself, they nodded and my friend (acquaintance really, dude started hitchhiking across country and I haven't heard from him since) stole their weed.
  19. On one random thursday night in school, I pregamed with some of my friends (male and female) haha...any way, I pregamed with a 4 loko, took shots and then we decided to head. WE stumble over, get into the different areas. 2 cups of jungle juice deep, shots of Skyy, and a 4 loko had me blacked out.

    i wake up the next morning, having missed my first class at 9:30...i walk back to my dorm still drunk. and knocked out.

    It wasnt until I heard the stories about what i did the night before did i realize it was a great night...that i didnt even remember.

    Apparently I was running around yelling into every room of the frat." I WANT TO FUCK BITCHES, I WANT TO FUCK BITTTCCHHHHHEEESSSS!!!!!!" and I made out with some girl in a closet and other shit too

    fuck 4 lokos and i love em too

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