Party Pranks (stories and Ideas)

Discussion in 'General' started by hublake93, May 3, 2011.

  1. So every senior year, after the last day of school there is a huge party.

    Every senior goes, and we all camp out in the middle of the woods and gets wasted.

    Next morning we all have to be at the school at 9 for senior breakfast, class picture, and a dress rehearsal for graduation...

    Of course many pranks will be played this night.

    so far I got

    1.Leaf Blower Wake Up
    2. stacking chairs on the passed out kids (or whatever else will balance on them)
    3. Saran Wrap for cars

    I dont think we should draw on people cuz of the class picture after breakfast

    :hello:I need some ideas help out or share your stories.!!
  2. Drug someone's drink then when they pass out tie both of their arms to the back of two seperate trucks. On the count of three drive the trucks in opposite directions, ripping the arms off of the victims body. Works every time!! :cool:
  3. just kidding lol, but what is "leaf blower wake up"? Or is it as obvious as the name suggests and I'm thinking too much into it?
  4. go the night before and dig a big ass hole and cover it in leaves and shit and wait for someone to walk in it
  5. Wait until one of your friends falls asleep, then start blowing him.

    When he wakes up he'll be all, "Whoa dude, get off me."

  6. It is as simple as it sounds, put a leafblower close to their face and turn it on in the morning
  7. I love this prank! I do this prank at every party! For some reason I started getting less invites....did this happen to you? :confused:
  8. Na, you must be doing it wrong.
  9. Shit in the coat room if there is one.

    You know your job is done when someone yells, "SOMEONE SHIT IN THE COAT ROOM!!"
  10. Then someone will say, I am pretty sure someone shit in and around the coat area

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