Party in my Junior Year ( Long, Very Descriptive Sex Story)

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  1. Sry yo it was just so fucking random.

    I actually liked the end though...probably wouldn't of minded reading it since I read the first post. I mean...the fact that I read all of that shows that you atleast a decent writer. You guys still together after 4 years? So she just ditched her old boyfriend? Good for you man.

    Sorry to hate on you...but I don't appreciate guys who have to state how large their penis is. That's about as low as it why the fuck do we care your penis is 7 inches long...we don't!

  2. Goddamn you smoked 2 grams? If you where smoking the weed I have you would have been passed out. I can't even smoke that much in one short sesh.

    Either that or it was lower quality weed.

    Anyways you posted a very detailed story. To the point of very fine details being brought out, like that the smashed bottle was of rum, or fine details about Carly or Carlie.

    At the same time you switch names and describe somewhat unlikely occurrences. That is why people called bullshit on your story so fast. Here is this recount brimming with detail, making it seem real, but then we get hit with improbability, which causes us to question the whole story. Maybe you should just chill, roll with the punches. This is the internet after all. We don't know you personally, we have no stake or vested interest in your life.

    Everything posted on this site holds no meaning. It doesn't change your life significantly if you don't let it. We can't reach through our computer screens and choke you in rage, fix your grow, make your social life better or whatever the topic of your post was. Because of this there is no reason to get upset on an internet forum.

    Holy shit I am high.
  3. ^Ah fuck I remember when that guy wrote about smoking oregano ahahahaaha
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    Part that got me is the 6 shots and 2 blunts in 1 hour as they were talking before the love making ensued.....I know a lot of girls from college and drank with all different types, there is pretty much zero chance a girl would be ready for all that happened lol.

    Hell I probably wouldn't be able to do much after 6 shots and 2 blunts in AN HOUR lol...I'd definitely not be ready for a 3 hour bang session, but that's why I don't have any baller stories like OP I suppose.

    Unless it was 6 shots total between the two of you (which you actually wrote you each did 6 lol) and the blunts were regs....

    Anyway, interesting read :D:smoke:

  5. I bet you would lollll and what does an 18 year old have anything to do with this?

    The other dude said people would pay for this, I didn't know there was an industry for written child porn. I'm guessing it would be legal?

    Regardless, we just got an eyeful of kiddie porn in words :hello:
  6. I remember my first blow job while smoking a blunt.
  7. I don't care if this is real or fake but op is a god damn good writer he should Write books erotica normally doesn't turn me on but this did
  8. Im not even high right now but I was lol'ing for a majority of that story haha.

    OP I'm proud of you, you went to pound-town, no doubt about that, but i think you might have posted this in the wrong forum. or wrong website.

    Idk, time to get folded :smoke:

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