Party in my Junior Year ( Long, Very Descriptive Sex Story)

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  1. Quoted because this is a much better paraphrasing of the story. Looking back it is incredibly ridiculous.

    Also 4 2 gram blunts? You rolled a quarter at a party and NOBODY asked for a hit? What kind of party was this?

    Only thing missing is a 70's porn star mustache, a pizza delivery guy and synthesizer music.
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    Umm.... no lol
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    Well shit. That's embarrassing. Lol
  4. Sub'd. This better continue
  5. Thanks for the play by play. You would be perfect as a football announcer
  6. Remember folks, that girl you just read about is 17.
  7. This piece of writing is done very well, ignore the haters.
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    noooooo why?!
  9. alcohol, helping people get laid since forever...
  10. You all just got trolled into reading child porn.

    Damn. Have fun sleeping tonght. Thank god I read the replies before I read a long ass stories xD
  11. Meh, not the worst thing I've read or saw in the internet, i'll be just fine.

    It was very well written. Have you ever thought about getting a job writing that stuff? there's some freaks that would pay for that stuff.
  12. Did anyone actually read the title? God damn, you know, I post things like, "Long Story" so people don't get all butt-hurt about seeing a long story. Yes, this story was intended to have a lot of sexual content. That's why I put a side note..... Let's not be stupid here, people, if there's a story you know you aren't going to like, don't read half of it, call it a Porno and then talk shit.

  13. Maybe...sounds more like sex texts I used to message w/ girls back in middle school. I wouldn't be surprised if OP got a hard one writing this...

    Are you an idiot? Your story doesn't add up. Yeah you've probably had sex but first...why would you go into such detail about something that humans do daily...and second, you have SO many things that you just threw in there to make the story better. Let me see if I can find a few, just to get your sorry ass out of here.





    1. WE were all just sitting there? Who's and another guy. Then this girl randomly walks down where your rolling a blunt because she got in a fight with her bf...

    2. 6 Shots and 2 blunts in 1 hour at 1 am. stupid are you? If you had already drank before that you would be way to fucked to remember ANY of this let alone writing in down in such detail.

    3. I don't even need to say anything...someone's DEFINITELY insecure.

    4. At 4 in the morning...oh yeah her BF is totally looking for her because he's completely sober at this party and not passed out by then...

    Here is a better summary: An insecure guy who enjoys writing. Has probably had sex once but it didn't go the way he instead he made up a story in which everything happened how he wanted it to..and the of course has to throw the twist in at then end...that's what really gave it up

    Case closed. GTFOH, this is a fucking stoner website not a wanab soft core porn site. Lies, lies and more lies. You can tell when you read something and it's just like...nahh that's not right.
  14. 'Long, Very Descriptive Sex Story'

    Got my attention

  15. I'd tap both a hot 17 year old AND a hot 18 year old, like come on it's one year.

  16. bro, it's the internet. relax and smoke man :smoke: don't you want free speech on stoner forums?
  17. Bro, I'm in between classes...and I CAN'T SMOKE. Read my last thread I made...trying to take a break because it's really clouding up my goals smoking all day everyday. But yes. 100% if I toked a bowl before reading this I would of posted something like... "Lol, pathetic...get a life"

  18. Me and 3 other people were sitting in the room. The guy passed out was at the party before people even started showing up, probably drinking all day. So no, it's not just me and one dude, it was me and 2 conscious people and the guy that passed out.

    6 shots and 2 blunts between 2 people.... That's 2 grams and 3 shots each. Don't know what type of shitty tolerance you have, but I can function perfectly fine with 2 grams and 3 shots in me.

    Her boyfriend was looking for her because the host wanted people to get out so he could clean up. They showed up together, pretty sure they'd want to leave forever.

    Just a heads up, I was completely sober at the start of the story because the plan was that we would roll up the moment we got at the party. My ride, Vince, was one of the people in the room, and when Carlie showed up, I gave him one of the blunts so he would let us be.

    Just a heads up, because of the negativity of the responses, I will not be completing the story. I'll paraphrase the rest though,

    Mark wasn't able to get in the door since it was locked, he was really drunk, Carlie and I snuck out of the window and onto the roof overlooking the Veranda. We ran about a half a block down the street and I called Vince, he picked us up and Carlie and I traded info.

    I remember this story in such detail because this wasn't a solo project, Carlie and I are together 4 years later, yesterday was our anniversary.

    I don't have a problem with people not believing shit on the Internet, to be perfectly honest, I probably wouldn't believe it either, but shit, don't call me an idiot because you tried to put together pieces that weren't there and it didn't work out.
  19. Damn. You have one good memory.

    I can barely remember my junior year.

    Might have been all that weed though..
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