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party houses

Discussion in 'General' started by GoldenGinge, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. hey gc I was just wondering whether any of you have had any experience with living in a party house. Did you have a good time? as it's something I may want to look in to at some point.
  2. Ive never been to a party once. I always ask if there is any to a friend of mine and he says he is asking then i hear nothing. Then i hear about how great the weekend was for everyone, while my weekend was spent playing GTA4 or browsing grasscity.

    Yeah way to kill the vibe of the thread right... sorry...
  3. good way to get popo's attention
  4. like a frat house?

    shit gets old real quick

    the place is always a mess

    people are always coming and going

    people are raiding your food/weed/alcohol

    hardly any privacy

    never quiet, cant sleep or study


    its fun for the first few weeks, and then its like you just wanna get away, and only come for the parties

    i was in a frat in college and i chose not to live in the house, i had my own apartment, but i spent a lot of time at the frat house and i was glad i didnt live there lol
  5. no but a friend of mines house turned into one for 2-3 weeks straight last summer haha :p

  6. damn that sucks man. Find some new friends?
  7. and make sure it doesnt turn into a drug din either
  8. sorry to hear that man...pretty sad
  9. It gets old way to fast like someone else said.Fun and games for a while, than shit eventually hits the fan.One to many ransoms and hangovers, the fighting will start.Better to have your own place, and find someone else dumb enough, and use their party house when ya wanna let loose.
  10. I wouldn't do it id be all sketchy with drugs and shit in the house.
  11. Most school holidays back in high school, someone's house would be designated the party house and we'd all basically live there for as long as 2 months depending on the length of the holiday. It was obviously the one whose parents were going away, they had no choice in the matter really. If your house was vacant then you bet we'd fill it up with people, drink and drugs. And after we all finished school we did the same thing on a semi-regular basis, usually staying at people's places for a week or so.

    It's fun as hell as long as you can keep the alcohol, weed and unmentionables in good supply.
  12. party never gets old, as long as there more chicks than dicks.
  13. Whoever cant party 24/7 is pussy.

    [ame=]Southpaw - Datsik - YouTube[/ame]

    i just started a party.
  14. Ugh could never do it and never will. Sounds horrible. I need a clean clean place.
  15. Thanks for the responses blades :)

    Still pretty torn.

    It does sound pretty great but then I suppose yes I would get bored of it after a while.

    Did any of you have any noise complaints from the po-pos?
  16. i lived in my fraternity house and also one of the premiere party locations you will ever find. The apartment complex is The Villas at Indiana was out of fucking control....we partied a good 7 days a week. It got so insane my last year that riot police were sent in during Lil' 5 to disperse crowds. John Mellencamp played in our parking just more crazy shit than you can as far as the experience....if you dont care about fucking up your responsibilities and just want to live the dream for a while, a party residence is a great time. I fucked up so much while i was there but some of the best memories of my life. Needless to say it took a few more years to graduate.

  17. Haha yeah my friends house got raided by the cops but luckily they didn't find anything :p so it has risks for sure..

  18. ha damn man thats crazy.

    Another thing I'd want to know is whether it would be possible to do with a couple of other people if you were in part time employment. (Studies and junk).

    Trueee that man. My house was kinda the chill place for way too many people and wed be partyin and drinking wayy late, it was horrible once i realized what i was doin to my house and my life lol
  20. ever had your buttcheeks glued together? live in a party house and you just might find out..

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