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Party hardy

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jake9088, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. My friends parents are gone for the weekend gunna hot box in his garage then get some drinks. What's your favorite alcoholic beverage to slurp on while blazed?
  2. The girlier the drink the better the taste. Great for smoking with because you dont need that much booze anyway
  3. oooh boy i keep my alcohol to a minimum but...whiskey, tequila, a lot of malt liquor/beer. my woman usually has smirnoff ice fllavors, tequila/margaritas, some of the higher % mikes lemonade.
  4. crown is probably my favorite drink but you cant go wrong with jack.. i wouldnt go with vodka though and get the drinks before you smoke up cuz then you will continuously get higher as your drinking.
  5. Yellow Tail Moscato (white wine) tastes like sparkling cider.. I'm about 1.5bottles in since 4 hours ago
  6. A good beer that is not a corona, bud light, or any other piss flavored beer
  7. [quote name="Sand box" post="19111365" timestamp="1386310781"]Yellow Tail Moscato (white wine) tastes like sparkling cider.. I'm about 1.5bottles in since 4 hours ago[/quote]we were introduced to moscato and its on our list for the next booze cruise. we were going through it like kool-aid haha.
    For real, I'm downing this shit like nothing. I have to walk to work at 10, you'd think I would be a little more worried, but fuck it.
  9. Which flavor is the best
  10. Smirnoff ice blueberry
  11. Rekorderlig strawberry and lime cider
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  13. Shiner--------------------------------------- Smoke On! c(o.oc)
  14. I found out that Red's Apple Ale + Grape Ape is unbelievably delicious. Even any strain would probably taste great with it, it's like the wine ^ above it tastes like spiked apple cider. Not really high % alch but a couple bowls with a couple bottles of that shit is the recipe to a nice evening!
  15. Smirnoff ice. Tastes like sprite and lemonade.
  16. 'Tis the season blades.
    Please don't drink and drive. I've lost a few good friends to drivers who could drive "better after a few".
    Think how you would feel waking up and finding out you had killed someone or put someone in a wheel chair for the rest of their life.
    I'm not saying don't drink, what I'm saying is please drink responsibly and if possible use the public transit, cab or walk.
    Hate to lose any Blades to the season.
  17. I think any beer/drink is good depending on what your preference is. Since you guys are smoking too, you don't want to drink too much.
  18. Neat whiskey, or if that's too much, a really nice beer.
  19. I don't really like "drinks" when I drink alcohol. Just beer.
    On special occasions if I have friends sleep over at my house on weekends, I'll make bloody marys in the morning when everyone wakes up. I set up a bloody mary bar and let everyone put whatever they want in it - I usually do hot sauce, garlic salt, celery, pickle, green olives, black pepper. 
    Nothing like a good bloody mary and smoking some bowls with your friends first thing in the morning.
  20. Nothing Finer than a Shiner. You must be from TX haha

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