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Party Car (Poem)

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by StFrancis, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. We both fly on the streets every night
    Getting tighter and slighter and more convicted.
    And it's the way we choose to live our last and past
    Because we both broke silently on the side.
    You figured that way no one would notice,
    I figured that way no one would know this.
    Everyone caught on and they're following, swallowing, down.

    We party in cars and we smoke on the streets
    Because we're being driven forward by mellow ridden beats.
    I'm a beast deeper down than creative juices flow
    And it's a proof of deep connection when I know that you know
    Where I've stomped my shoes down along the puddle flooded path,
    Creating more complex numbers in simple logic math.

    Where does one rest when one enjoys living freely,
    Discreetly criminal on weekdays and hard at heart on holidays?
    The answer is the party car where the world lives through cracked windows,
    And it's adventure time almost any time when you know you're giving up.
    I'm not slowing down and no I won't come back here weeping,
    But the future forgot to sneak attack and abandoned all its creeping.
    And so it goes with suburban sickness diagnosed.

    But deep down fish hooks gently grab away my lungs
    And I remember rarely that I forgot to still be young
    We stumble on topics that no one mentions when they're dreaming.
    Everyone would wake up if the sleepers started screaming.
    Because pain goes away when you start to go insane
    And you go down the drain when you fumble with your brain.

    Who's to say the right way's not the night way,
    And who's to say I'm making the mistakes?
    If the richest regrets are of things that never happen
    I'm in no position to believe that I'll be wistful.
    We speak our minds to infiltrate the thoughts of others
    Because we're all just self-righteous infants crying for our mothers.
    Cap off the day with reflections of the play.
  2. Great work man.....I enjoyed that. :hello:
  3. so hot man, really impressed. never big into poetry but that hit me. i could see a sick animation or video to go with that, maybe a nice jazz beat in the back

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