Party Bust

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  1. I definitely don't blame ya haha
  2. you continued the rage of the party on the floor till the am with cops around you so that is pretty epic. congratulations you are a champion of the party. allthough i woulda just booked it instead of playing hide and seak with cops lol
  3. hahaha
    that's great, reminds me of the time my friends and I played ding-dong-ditch. My one friend and I rang the doorbell to this house and ran behind the house and under his deck (it was really low) couple feet off the ground. The dude came out to his backyard and looked all around. His feet were literally a couple feet away. If he looked down under the deck we would have been busted. LOL
  4. That's insane man, almost exact same thing happened to me and a couple buddies. He had like over 300 people in a small house and we all ended up hiding in his roof in his garage until they left. There were like 50 of us there, i thought somebody would bust us but everyone was quiet. I was amazed.

  5. props for being epic. :D

  6. Well put my friend..

    you are definantly killing it. +rep for being a G.

    "there was no body there, i just left"
  7. Wow, nice dude. It reminds me of a time where I was at a party and like six cop cars pulled up and everyone scattered. I was on the second floor of this house and I could hear a cop coming up the stairs talking on his radio and I ditched out the window without looking (I was kinda drunk). I hit the roof of the garage and rolled off, fell like another 10 feet to the ground and just stayed there in the bushes where I fell for like two hours until the cops left and I just got up, dusted myself off and left.
  8. + rep for pure badassdedness
  9. Cool story man... funny shit... nice how u got away...

    Only time I've experienced something like that was when I was at a house party and I had to got to 7 /11 to make a rello run and on my way bac I saw the flashing lights in the front lawn. So I got the fuck outa there....

    but yea smooth shit spendin the night would b funny if the owner of the room woke u up the next
  10. Thats fuckin awesome.

    I totally would have grabbed some beers for the long wait though.
  11. props go to you. You're truly blessed.
  12. Wow, that's pretty sweet man. Still, American cops are fucked up. If that kinda thing happened here they'd (at most) tell everyone to leave, call the house owner and pour away alcohol, not give people tickets and arrest them. Jeez.
  13. damn FUCKEN keepin it gangsta
  14. Great story! love it! +rep
  15. I'd of jumped out the fuckin' window, and not thought twice about it.
    For real.
    Me and my friends were tokin up at this abandoned house we found, and this car comes down the culdesac, and im out the back door. fucking gone, I thought it was the cops, and they screeched the tires so i thought they were gana drive to the side (theres a gap in this brick wall that we drive through too. I thought about taking the ranger, but i ended up halfway up the wall before my friends even came out the house.
  16. you deserve a hide and seek trophy for that shit
  17. i dont get why everybody is calling him a G, gangster, etc. real gangsters dont hide under stuffed animals.

    but in all seriousness, youd be that one asshole nobody would find in hide and go seek back in the day. good job, haha.
  18. they call me the anne frank of the 21st century
  19. awesome fucking story i must say.

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