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  1. It was a crazy party, starting to get out of hand, we had nearly 100 kids in this single house. I figured the party was going to get busted, so i went and talked to my ride, and told him that the party was getting sketchy, because kids started doing stupid shit like egging neighboring houses, and just basically started bringing the party outside, where neighbors could hear and call the police. Anyways just as i went upstairs to get my friend i heard a knock at the door, and watched the retarded fucking host not even check through the peep hole and open the door to the cop. I ran to the room my friend was in and told them to quiet down, and hide that the cops showed up. I looked out the window of the second story bedroom to see 4 squads parked outside. I then went and hid in between this gap between the bed and the wall, and threw stuffed animals over me. (i guess it was a younger kid's room, idk) I then heard my friend and 2 girls he was with go into a closet in that same room. I stayed there with my heart pounding listening to the cops talk to all the kids downstairs.

    The cops had arrested at least 10 kids, and given drinking tickets to alot more. I was still in season for sports, and was just thinking about all the shit i could get in trouble for. About 45 min went by and all of the basement and main floor were cleared of kids, and then the cops started to search up stairs. I heard the cops open the door to the room i was in, they only did a quick check and left. I felt so relieved i almost got out of my hiding spot and walked out. Again about 10 minutes after the first cop checked our room, a second cop came in, this time to do a better check. He walked over to the bed i was next to, and looked under it. Luckily the draping on the other side of the bed covered me. He then looked in the closet, and busted those 3. After that i decided i wasnt coming out of that hiding spot for a while. I ended up passing out next to the bed and sleeping there for the night, and woke up and left the next morning.
  2. + rep for staying til sunrise
  3. hhhahaha luckyy.
  4. killin it. ur killin it way too much right now.
  5. damn. lucky!!
  6. +rep,

    That's pure awesome.
  7. That is badass man hiding in the closet is sooo cliche no wonder they got caught but you are a true hide and seek champion
  8. lmao, the staying the night part is straight up retarded haha, did the people living there see you in the morning?
  9. A buddy of mine Blake and I were at a party similar to that back in 95. The cops showed up, and everybody started running, most everyone jumped the fence in the back yard, and got out.

    Me and my friend Blake just sat in the living room, drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels. We figured what the hell. He was a big guy and couldn't run, I wasn't going to leave a friend behind like that.

    I had them call my dad, and he came and got us. Dad didn't care, hell, he bought me whatever I wanted.

    Next Monday at school, everyone wanted to know what happened. We just told everyone they missed all the fun, and they should have stayed.

    Cops back home, didn't seem to care about to much about what we used to do. Just the loud noise bothering the neighbor.
  10. the cops aint see him how can standard civillians??????? come on man. hes an expert
  11. haha good shit
  12. Yeah hahah Idk how you could fall asleep like that, in that spot. But shit dude, grats on being an epic hider
  13. I guess the host's parents were gone for the weekend, i dont know i just woke up and left
  14. Without talking to anyone?
  15. there was nobody there
  16. nice work lol. stuffed animals ftw i guess
  17. That's crazy lol, you could've stolen all sorts of shit and gotten away with it.
    Not saying you should have, but I had to point that out.
  18. yeah but i really just wanted to get out of there
  19. DAMN. + rep for an epic win.

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