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  1. Mike came over and woke me up around 4 saturday pm. We drove to my grandmas, I took a shower, changed my clothes, and got some money, and went to taylors. We played a game of pool and drank some of taylors homemade brew. then we went to indian lake, to pick up a friend of tylers.its about a 45 minute trip there. once we got there, there was a fork, and we had to go left. taylors friend was buying a dime, it was pretty fat though. his names dustin, i think. then we drove back to lima, and went to kevins, there is where i bought me eigth of some decent shit. it wasnt really an eighth though, it weighed about 4.2g's. payed 25. matt and amanda came over and picked up kevin. they drove somewhere, while the rest of us when to pick up jacob. weve smoked the rest of that dime already, and are now going to a place about 25 minutes away so i could get a couple friends high. theyre blaine and tyler. so the seven of get high then we leave, aside from blaine and tyler, and go to mcdonalds. and we almost hit a dog that used to be a cat, it turned into a dog, and two cats. but mike drove past them. we eat there and go home, to my house, where we call erin, jacobs sister, to come pick us up, and she does and we go to korees grandmas. his brother buys us beer, while a few of stay there and play basketball, it probably one in themorning noow. then we go home, and kevin and matt and amanda are there. so weve been smoking this whole time in the car, and i have some, matt has a sac, kevin has a sack. theres beer, busch. a bunch of them go ride around in the back of a truck on my neighbors property. me and erin and mike and amanda are left at home. smoking more. then kevin and matt and the others come running in and yelling the cops. so we hid all the beer in moms room and the bathroom. erin and mike were in the tub together hiding. and the rest of them were in moms room. kevin was hiding in the bushes outside. they had guys out there searching them with flash lights. and he tossed his shit in a treeline. me and matt went out there to talk to them. told them matt was coming here to stay. they asked if he was drunk which he was, and they knew it. asked if mom knew what we were doing in there, told them no she didnt. and they said they found no damage done to his property. so he let us off and we went back in. there were 5 cruisers there. probably 9-10 cops
    then we started partying again but then died down pretty quick. i started playing warcraft 3 and mike and jacob came in and slept on th floor beside me. i was done with wc3 and tried to go to sleep in moms room but matt and amanda were in there so i went and passed out on the floor by the computer too. the next day we went and got kevins stuff back. and i lost my bowl. but found a pack of papers. and two roaches. someone puked in the sink. theres 18 beers left.

    then me and mike drove everyone home , and we went to my grandmas. we dug out a mailbox, then ate some breakfast, then put together and installed a new one. then took showers. then watched ufc, then went to modonalds then went home
    he went to his house to sleep. i played some wc3 then went to sleep.

    it was pretty fun,

    and i bought another eighth monday night, and im high from that

  2. you should write this in chapters.....i got to the part where you mentioned mike and i got tired.
  3. space




    cool story though, just hard to read baked. i had to backtrack lines like 5 or 6 times.
  4. hahaha forreal, i stopped right there
  5. what emagdnim13 said. My eyes got lossed so many times going over that

    good story though, kept me entertained:cool:
  6. Yeh everything including words need a little space.

  7. Lol Im confused.

    I always have parties like this is my basement tho, its def fun.
  8. yeah, I normally space out my documents when i write them.. i guess I forgot.

    Today Blaine and tyler came over this morning and matched me a couple joints, then we played threeball, then they left for school

    then i ate some breakfast and smoked a bowl and watched batman begins, then war of the worlds, then i played some 3 ball

    then mike came over and i had just smoked another bowl, then blaine came and smoked another one. then we drove golf balls across my pond, then we went to the school and played basketball. then me and blaine went to my house and smoked another bowl, and he just left.

    ill probably eat smoke a bowl, shower, smoke a bowl, and go to sleep, till they coime over again tomorrow morning..
    Actually i have a bunch of roaches i found left over from the weekend, 8 total, i think ill roll a joint out of them, theyre all resiny :)

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