Parts of my plant are going missing...what could be eating it?

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  1. I LST'd yesterday and am fairly sure this damage wasn't there then. It looks like half of both new leaves has been eaten or has severely wilted. It wasn't close to my light and i cant see anything to explain it. I have looked with a 10x magnifying glass and i cannot see anything moving anywhere. There are little white spots on the underside of the leaves that i cannot see without the magnifier (no idea if that is what a zoomed in leaf is supposed to look like though!).

    The last pic shows other unexplained leaf damage on the same plant. I can see a few small splits and similar things on other plants too.

    Please please help, i don't want it to get worse. I have sprayed thoroughly with dish washing soap and water.

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  2. To see the pictures properly right click and open them in new window so you can zoom in. Thanks!
  3. `what kind of soil and whats the ph
  4. No PH tester until tomorrow. Its in a peat-free compost, and nutrients from biobuzz.

    I've found other leaves that kind of look like they are being chewed too.
  5. Please anyone?
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    Was the leaf there-and then gone? Set a mousetrap. Check the place for mouse/rat manure.
    Mice love to chew on growing weed. (edited to say, I can't see the pics, just guessing, hopefully someone who can see can tell if this is a nute, Ph or disease issue)
  7. Don't think its a mouse or slug or snail, no trails and only very new growth is going missing, and from the middle of the plant!

    I have noticed a few other places where this is happening. The pics above show exactly what it looks like. Some new growth looks "missing" and all is left is a tiny brown thin stump.

    Please, can anyone help?

    I've tested the PH of my tap water, its around 7.
  8. I can tell by one look that there is a
    major Ph problem. It is causing a chemical (nute) burn.
    It is literally dissolving the leaves. U can also tell by
    the twisting and curling of the leaves.

    It looks like they need to be transplanted anyways, so
    I recommend an immediate transplant into new soil.

    If u cant do that, a big flush is needed.

  9. Thank you, that sounds definitive!

    I'll have to settle for a flush, because I don't have space for the larger pots in my growroom until I've sexed and killed the males.

    I'm stuck with the PH, bought a cheap tester yesterday and it only works if the water is clear, so a run-off test is impossible.

    So, off to look up flushing. I think i remember its something like 3x the size of the pot in water.

    Hope it works, gonna switch to 12/12 soon and then i can transplant into larger pots.

    Thanks again!
  10. I bought a digital PH pen. Run-off is between 7.6 and 8.0. Damn!

    So I've flushed with PH 5, and will let it dry out and make sure from now on I water with similar and test my run-off each time. Gradually reducing it is better yes?
  11. U got it man...good stuff !!!

  12. How long should it take to notice a drop in PH run-off? I flushed 3x the pot but the run off was still PH 7.8 at the end. I reckon i'll be watering again in 2-3 days.

    Also, is PH 5 low enough? Or should I use PH 4?

    Thanks again for your help, +rep :)
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    I have a chart on how to calculate all this. I'll post it once I find it.

    U might wanna flush until it gets around 6.5 :eek:. I know, but thats the way it is.

    Do the Ph 4, that'll make a big diff.

    Your caring attitude will pay off in the end. The plant will reward u.

    U can tell how high your Ph wuz. I could hear them screaming lol.
    Its down to a duller roar now tho.

    Keep up the good work, and thanx for the rep.

  14. Took my smallest plant, and put about 18 litres of PH 4 water through. Also added coffee grounds to the soil.

    Latest run-off: PH 7.2. WTF??!?!?!?

    I took some PH 7 water and added lots of fresh soil from the bag, stirred, and tested. PH 7.8. I tried to lower it by adding PH down, but it took LOADS of the stuff (comparatively) to get to PH 6. Then 5 minutes later and another stir/test and it went up to PH 6.4.

    So the soil is BAD!

    Problem: I don't have space for 10 3-gallon pots so i cannot re-pot until i know sex.

    Not sure what to do. I could repot the biggest 6 i guess, but could end up with mostly males.

    Or just flip to 12/12 tomorrow and wait 10 days. But then they will continue to suffer until then and it'll surely affect yield.

    Damn damn damn!
  15. This problem is continuing. Please help.

    First, an update. I made space for 9 3 gallon pots, and re-potted them using a much better soil with a PH of 6.5 which i watered using PH 5.5 to compensate for the root-ball being full of the alkaline soil.

    They grew well. 4 days later, when the soil had dried i tested the run-off. PH 5.7. So, i did a gentle flush with PH 8 water and got the run off up to 6.5 fairly quickly.

    They have continued to grow quickly throughout all this, but i am still seeing new growth going missing. Today it looked as though a stem had been attacked in the same way, i keep finding individual leaf sections shriveled up with the rest of the leaf in tact, holes in many leaves, new growth (As pictured above) gone.

    I can take some more photos tomorrow, but the ones above show it best. It looks like something is eating my plants but i cannot find any pests anywhere and i've read every thread i can find!

    Please help again, the "stem attack" i found today is worrying me!
  16. <-- Goes to try other boards :(
  17. Hey.

    Ive been gone for a few days. Any more damage ???


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