Parts of Colorado's legalization strategy exported to other states

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  1. And we will have to wait for the data on "personal grows" to see if "dry" counties have significantly more of them.

    This is what I have said during the elections,,we don't need to just remove prohibitionists from our legislative bodies but from our city,state and county elected officials also.

    Challenging these people in public forums and supporting they're opponents is the next step.:cool:

  2. Not all counties will do this. They banned dispensaries in Fort Collins but we just reversed during the last election and they will be opening back up soon.

  3. The problem is this...the people in charge who made the decision to ban dispensaries are still there with the same fucked up attitude that made them ban dispensaries in the first place.
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    Dude....just be glad you don't live in Pennsylvania. They still put people in Prison here for weed. Almost every week I see a "NEWS HEADLINE" about a BIG MARIJUANA BUST. The news media seems to love showing pictures of a few baggies of shit weed especially if they find paraphernalia or GOD FORBID...a gun!!! They blow it up stating the evil weed was worth 10X what any sane person would pay for that crap. Usually Mexican Brick Weed.

    I guess MY friends and dealers who have good weed aren't stupid enough to sell to the state police because 90% of the time the people who get busted are dumb illegals selling dirt weed to narcs. The MEDIA love makes headlines!
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  6. It was done by vote.

  7. Does that even matter anymore?

  8. ??????????
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    What I'm getting at is this. The voters pass a law but then the politicians take it upon themselves to "interpret" the law. And then they mold it to meet their vision, not the vision of the voters. That's what you have happening in CO. When the dust has settled, you won't even recognize the law that was passed. There won't be any stores selling MJ, there won't be any large scale grows. The black market will still be the main source for MJ.

  10. I've read through the amendment and I don't see anything about personal grows requiring a license (I could have missed it):

    ALL of the activities made legal by Amendment 64 fall under the CSA, so anyone in CO could be busted by the feds at any time. Where the amendment is vulnerable to federal injunctions, however, is where it comes into direct/actual conflict with federal laws. And that is only where the two laws cannot co-exist.

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