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Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by tomtomslick, May 16, 2003.

  1. Just looking for a business partner so to speak. Someone who is say north of georgia and and is paying too much for their smoke. I'm sure that I could make them an offer thats hard to refuse. I would definitely have to get to know this person or persons and check them out but what the hell. drop me a line and tell me the prices you're paying and I'll get back to ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Are you a cop? :|
  3. Now if I was a cop do you really think that i would tell you the truth. some people think that a cop has to tell you if he is a cop but thats not true. They did away with that shit a long time ago just like theres no more entrapment. They can sell you the dope then put you in jail.bastards!! I just know that people are paying a lot more than me further north and I just want to see where the moneys at!!!!!!!!!
  4. Well, up here it's about $30 an 1/8. For good shit it's around $35 and for undergrade shit it's about $20-25.
  5. Well if by an 8th you mean 3 and a half grams thats insane.
    quarters(7 grams) sell for 25 here. I get them a lot cheaper but that's what they sell for. Hydro costs a little more but it's still less than 60 a quarter.............thanks for the info. How far up north are you? I know my partner in charleston,SC is paying about the same you are and thats only five hours away
  6. I live in central Ohio.
  7. are u going to hooka-ville this weekend then? I know I am!!!!!

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