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  1. Me and my friend started to grow a plant and since the summer started it has started to go downhill for me. We are both going into grade twelve and are 18 and his family have just left for a while on vacation, this is the second time they have left. I have also been gone twice and the first time it rained so he didn't need to check on it but the second time i was gone for 6 days and he hadn't checked it at all and it didn't rain once. I just went to check it today and the lower leaves were brown and all of them were droopy. But when he left the first time i was at the plant every second day to water it. Now we need to transplant it to a 5 gallon bucket full of dirt and we were supposed to go get the dirt together and i said we will tomorrow because my family is over, then i find out he had gone down south for a while and didn't bother to tell me or anything so i have to do the grunt work by myself. so i was thinking since he hasn't done anything without me and even then he pretty much just watched and i supplied everything what should i do? i can't just cut him out cause we are like bestfriends and he might get all mad and tell people about the plant. It's not like its a big crop only 1 plant and its are first one so should i just not worry about it since I'm not relying on it for cash? or should i just see how this one goes and not tell him about one next year or what? :confused:

    thanks guys
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    to be honest, you shouldn't have fucking grown. you were not prepared, and the situation you two are in isn't good for growing. fuck it, wait until you actually have some privacy to grow, and do it right. take this as a lesson learned.
  3. Count it as a loss. Outdoor growing around here took MAJOR effort cause of the heat and dryness. Do some research for next year to understand the whole process.

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