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  1. hello everyone im new to the forums and would like to say "high" with this awsome story from this friday night me and four friends were at a party when i got a call from another friend saying theres gunna be a fight up the from there my friends said something so the whole party started walking up there.right as were walking up.we see two kids just throwing down right in the middle of the street.the fight goes on for only like 10 secs when a cops flys around the corner with his lights on,and a heli was up above shining his lights right on choas begins,people are just scattering everywhere.i had the instinct to just lawn-dart my ass right into my friends truck bed were i belly floped onto like 3 friends tells me to get in the i hopt of the bed,but right when i was going to get in i get nailed in the back with something.i look down and its a nugg jug.i just look around for a sec then just pocket it and diped in the truck.a asked everyone in the truck if they lost any bud but they say no.i finnaly get to open it and find about 3 gs of some dank ass sour og from this clinic in the frickin siked right now
  2. Wait.. so someone threw their weed at you? What....?
  3. Haha that's so weird.
  4. i guess?haha or someone was scared about cops and just threw it and it happen to hit a stoner.haha

  5. Ah.. I see. Well lucky you. Story was believable until that part ;)
  6. ya i know.haha im gunna post a pic when i can.
  7. I dream of this.
    Just walking down the street, and a jar of weed just hits you out of nowhere.

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