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  1. Hi GC!

    I've been growing a Chemdog plant for the past 2 months and been researching constantly on grows. I've noticed many people talking about partial harvests, but my search only yielded a few random threads with no focussed discussion. I figured I would create a place where we can discuss this harvesting technique.

    Personally I have one simple question: If I have 2-3 colas that appear ready for harvest, but the remaining ones do not, can I harvest those and wait for the others, or will it kill the plant?
  2. You can definitely harvest the top buds and then wait a week or 2 to let the lower growth mature a bit more. Your plant will not die. I found that it isn't really worth it unless your plant is MASSIVE and the lower stems don't get much light during the flower cycle. I don't like harvesting in general so to have to do it twice on each plant is a no go for me.
  3. You can cut up tp 1/2 of the plant without it dying.

    However if you do you have to water much less or you will kill them depending on how much you remove of course.

    I have never tried it.To me it doesnt seem worth it.After cutting the plant so much itll stop growing for a week or so then its who know how many weeks to finish the lower stuff.

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    I am probably going to give it another week or two and see how the lower buds go, my main cola looks ready smoke right now though and I don't want it to go past prime ripeness - see this is my first grow and I basically fucked my LST, there's two bigger colas that get lots of light and everything else is kind of blocked by them. So I was wondering what my options were to get the most out of the plant while still taking the big colas at the right time. Thanks for your responses- I hope someone with experience in multi-stage harvest can ring in on this though.
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    A good rule of thumb is when you think its done.Go another full week,and unless you have 100% amber trich's its not gonn lose potency.

    Way to many people cut early.I know the feeling it's hard,but youll waste all your time put in but cutting even a week early IMO.

  6. My trichs just went completely milky/not translucent about a week and a half ago, about 15% amber on the main cola only, so definitely need a week or two more; but I definitely think its getting close. Going to flush tonight.

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