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Partial harvest?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by zooted2000, May 19, 2011.

  1. I have five plants getting close to there 8th week budding I was thinking of doing a partial harvest because the bottom buds are small. How should a partial harvest be done. When taking off the main kola do you take buds off individually or just snip the main stem. And around how much longer would they need to flower for after the mature buds are snipped? Any help appreciated
  2. you gotta chop a few branches at a time. the plant will be really stressed if you chop 1/2 of the branches and not the other half. stick to 3-4 branches a day and make your harvest over a weeks time. hope that helped
  3. Okay yeah that helped alot I was just going to crop half at a time so saved me from stressing my girls out. Thanks for the input
  4. what I do when I do that is I just cut off the the stem below the buds I want to take at the time and I cut them off. I then give them a good shot of the bloom ferts again and then start to flush again. Give it two or three weeks and they will double or triple in size. Drop the light right on them and watch them blow up.
    This works good if you do not lolipop your plants or you have taller plants and do not get light penetration through the canopy to the smaller budsites. When the big buds are gone the hormones will drop to those buds and they will swell up quickly.
    If you do not have your next grow ready it works well but if are ready for your next grow then it is not worth the efffort just QWISO the small shit with the rest of the cut up shit.
  5. This, but BHO the small stuff instead. QWISO tastes like shit.

  6. never done bho just qwiso so I guess I do not know the difference. My qwiso tastes ok.......to me.......maybe I will try bho.........thanks bro.......
  7. NP dude. Plenty of BHO tuts out there. Wax is easier to work with than oil too.
  8. Thanks everyone I'll just just cut a few nodes off each day and hope for the best let you know how it goes!
  9. I am wondering how you do the Nutes when the plants don't finish at the same time. (One kushage-almost done, One Sage- not as close as Kushage)
  10. Keep the kush on nutes for a week or little longer than the other one or you can just give it a longer flush if you wanted to.
  11. Bump. I'm in this situation as well. How did the partial harvest turn out zoot? I've got bottom buds turning amber while the top haven't even fully filled out yet. I'll get some pics up on my journal later.

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