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Part of my recent pickup was brown/tan, Need help deciding if its cool to smoke.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420rollin, May 3, 2011.

  1. hey guys i have picked up many times in my smoking career, but this time i picked some stuff up that had a brownish tan bud in it. I just want to know what it may be and if its straight to smoke. I dont think its mold due to the color but maybe a nute burn or it being to close to the light while growing. I dont know because i didnt grow it but i know that root rot is no good. Thanks in advance:).

    Here are some pics: Compared the the rest you should be able to know which one im talking about.

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  2. Mold isn't usually brown or tan, it's typically white/grey/black maybe. Kinda hard to tell from the pics but if the bud as a whole is brown/tannish I'd say you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand if you're trying to say there's specific little spots of brown and tan on your buds.. well, I suppose that might be a little suspect.
  3. I'd smoke a tiny bit of it, see what it tastes like.. If it tastes fine then there's no problem, if not, just leave it &/or ask for your money back...

    Tbh it could just be the strain, I've had some that've looked similar to that (Not quite that tan though) but if they can have purple crystals, I reckon they could just as easily have tan coloured bud :p

    EDIT: actually looking at it, it could have also been that it was left on the plant for too long and started to whither, that could possibly explain the colour?
  4. I was thinking that too and its not trimmed the best either and you can tell that some of the leaves are that way but its mostly green thats why I'm curious about this. I dont think its mold but I just want some second opinions. Thanks everyone for the responses so far.
  5. Grind it up with the rest of your bud, and pretend its all the same :confused:

  6. hahaha

    If your really worried about it i would go back to your dealer and ask to exchange it for something the same weight. I bought a half ounce once and it only vaped 1-2 bags in my volcano and the usual bud gives me 4-5 bags so i knew it wasn't potent at all despite it looking like good weed. I told my guy and he exchanged what i had left for the new stuff he had. If you have been buying from them from awhile they wouldnt want to loose you as a customer.
  7. Thats a good point, thanks. I talked to my guy he said if i try it and dont think its good thats exactly what he'll do.
  8. it happens don't sweat it
  9. first thing i ran across in my google search that may apply:
    Curing proceeds while the leaf is still alive, for until it dries, many of the leaf's life processes continue. Since the leaf's ability to produce sugars is thwarted, it breaks down stored starch to simple sugars, which are used for food. This gives the grass a sweet or earthy aroma and taste. At the same time, many of the complex proteins and pigments, such as chlorophyll, are broken down in enzymatic processes. This changes the colour of the leaf from green to various shades of yellow, brown, tan, or red, depending primarily on the variety, but also on growing environment and cure technique. The destruction of chlorophyll eliminates the minty taste that is commonly associated with green homegrown.
    Different curing methods

    I've never seen anything that tan, but this could certainly explain it.
  10. Thats some sand man grown in the desert heat boss .

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