Parrots are great

Discussion in 'General' started by ienjoysmokin, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Parrots are fucking awesome I can't believe it, they can talk and shit, it's a total trip when your high :eek:
  2. Do you have one? What kind? All of mine are great talkers except for my cockatiel Charlie but he makes up for it by being a whistling fool.
  3. I used to have an african grey, but one day I opened the back door, he flew out, and I never saw him again :(

    He was cool as hell though, he would chill on your shoulder, talk, and he liked being around weed
  4. thats cool as hell.. nah i dont have a parrot but i seen em
  5. my mom had parrots they sucked but the words they picked up were realllly funny. maybe if there werent soo nippy they would of beeen fuckin sweeet
  6. My friend has one that sings the Beverly Hills Cop theme.

    Its cool for about 5 minutes then you want to put it in a blender.

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