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Paronia add fun? or opposite?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WakeNBak3, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Well IMO i think parnoia takes the fun out of it alot. i just like to know im not going to have to go to jail. BUT my two frienda say that they like the chance of getting caught. soo what do you think?
  2. well to a if i'm not actually confronted with any real trouble and im just kinda like oh shit what was that its pretty fun
  3. Paranoia keeps me from getting in trouble.
  4. I agree. Usually my gut it right and if my gut says no, then I should listen. If I am paranoid and think something bad is gunna happen I try to prevent it.
  5. well most of the times when i get paranoid I'm not really in any danger of getting caught I'm just really stoned:smoking: so then after i just laugh at how funny what happened was.
  6. I had to run from the cops while blazed off my ASSS at 1 am with like 8 other people... we all had to just dip. It was INCREDIBLY fun.
  7. This is a lot like sex in the school bathrooms. It adds to the thrill if you think you might get caught, and gives you more of a rush, on the other hand you never want to get caught.
  8. While youre high it sucks, but once youre sober you can laugh about the retarded stuff you were convinced was happening at the time . So I guess it detracts from the fun temporarily. :p
  9. I've run from cops while high, and it was fun. I'm fast though, so I was pretty sure I could get away.

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