Parking while high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Voice of Reason, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. I've found that whenever I'm high I become a shitty ass parker... I was out blazing with a friend a few weeks ago and without even realizing it triple parked at the 7/11. Anybody else get that?
  2. Wha? I'm a bomb ass parallel parker when blazed. It has to be some Sativa though, if it's Indica I won't know what the fuck I'm doin lol
  3. i have handles when i drive high..
    for some reason when im sober i love to drive fast and get where im going but when im loaded i just chill and pay more attention to driving cause I know that im high and dont wanna get fucked with..
    parking is easy though, if you can do it sober you can do it loaded..
    im good at parallel parking EXCePT for left side of the road (oneway) parallel parking.. now that shit fucks me up :cool:
  4. the only two times i crashed my car, i was backing out of my driveway sober.
    ever since i figured that out, i've smoked a bowl before every drive.
  5. man one time i was soo baked (indica) and i came from a concert with a friend (at least 6 bowls that night). i tried to back into this small spot like 8 times with my friend in the passenger seat laughing his ass off at my lack of skill.
  6. I have also realized that i drive like perfect blazed. :D
  7. when my friend drives high he just doesnt make turn or anything if you dont tell him he will just space out and drive striaght for like tn mins then be like "Where the fuck are we going...."

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