Parking Tickets Issued To Cars Destroyed In Violent Sweden Riots

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  3. I'd let that meter maid slap me with a parking ticket.    :ey:
  4. Issueing tickets to burnt-out cars is so stupid that it physically hurts me. The Swedes should be helping those immigrants that didn't take part in the riots to help adjust to their new surroundings and deport those that did.
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    "Trust me, I would love to drive my car home and park in my own driveway but you see the problem is I GOT NO FUCKIN WHEELS LEFT BITCH! I'm open to suggestions here!"
  6. Apparantly anyone thats not white in sweden is considered an immigrant, even if they were born there. :rolleyes:
  7. I guess we have an abundance of morons worldwide.
  8. I know right in Sweden even the meter maids are hot!
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    Bureaucracy can be so funny sometimes. In all fairness though, eventually the owners are going to have to get their cars removed.
  10. That would be ideal but its,unreasonable to,punish them

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    Yes it is.

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