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  1. I received this email from Parker neem (

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your enquiry.

    Parker Biotech is pioneer in the manufacture of organic based product.

    We would like to introduce ourselves as an indo-japan company manufacturer and
    exporters of pure neem products. We are 100% Export company turn over cross of 100 Million
    D&B D-U-N-S Registeredâ„¢ : Our Credit worth confirmed
    D&B D-U-N-S Registered Number : 916008946


    About our factory:

    Our factory located in the western gatz part. with 3.2 acre area with modern machineries
    and packing unit. The factory GMP certified



    2. OMRI
    3. IFOAM

    Analysis of Specification : Parker Neem® Cake

    Nutrients/ Ingredients Charts
    Azadiractin :Min1000ppm
    Nimbin : Min 850ppm
    Salanin :Min 1500ppm
    Nitrogen : Min 4%
    Phosphorus :Min 1.5%
    Potassium : Min 1.5%
    PH : 5.5
    EC(dS/m) :1.2
    Calcium : Min 0.7%
    Magnesium : Min 1.5%
    Sodium :8(mg/Kg)
    Sulphate : 25(mg/Kg)
    Copper : 14(mg/Kg)
    Iron :600(mg/kg)
    Manganese :22(mg/kg)
    Zinc :54(mg/kg)
    Silica : 1.04%
    Sulphur :Min 1.20%

    12. Aflatoxin B1 : Less than 2ppm

    13. Total aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1, G2) : Less than 4ppm

    14. Pesticides report (Alpha-BHC, Beta-BHC, Gamma-BHC, Delta-BHC, O.P'-DDT, P.P´DDT,
    Endrin, Dieldrin, Endosulfan, Heptachlor, Parathion Methyl, Diazinon, Fenitrothion, Aldrin,
    Parathion, alathion, Ethion, Dicofol, Heptachlor Epoxid, Chlorpyrifos, Fenvalerate – NOT DETECTED

    15. TESTS (arsenic, cadmium, chlorides copper, lead, mercury, nickel, zinc, molybdenum, selenium) - NIL

    16. E.coli per gm: Nil

    17. Salmonela: Absent

    18. Aflatoxin Tests : absent

    Quality and International Standard .
    The above test will done by GmbH Germany Inspection agency and new certificate will send to you for
    each shipment .

    Application :


    Efficiency :

    We have understand your quality requirement, the active ingredients -Azadiractin,
    salanin and Nimbin of neem cake is maintained in the Parker Neem Cake as it is manufactured
    by cold pressed natural method which is more effective in controlling the nematodes and soil insects
    whereas most of the commercial neem cake sellers will not maintain the Azadiractin,salanin
    and Nimbin contents in standard.

    Parker assures the above mentioned quality always as per our assurance. that
    is why Parker neem oil leader in IPM ( Integrated Pest Management ).

    Self Life:

    Parker neem Cake : 1.5 Years from Labeled

    Bulk Price :

    USD.520.00 /- Per M.T FOB South india sea Port

    Packages : 20Kg HDPE bag

    Min order :5 MT

    20' Capacity : 20 MT

    LABEL :

    Organic certificate labled


    * Irrovocable L/C

    * 50 % against order + 50 % by sending Proof of Dispatch
    - Bank Guarantee will be provided ,if you wish

    * 100% advance Payment


    As per our assurance , We provide current dated SGS certificate for the
    following parameters .
    AZADIRACTIN ,N.P.K . AFLATOXIN and other elements.

    From Other lab :


    Parker company will send you the following documents by FedEx service .

    Ocean Bill Of Lading: 3 +1
    Invoice: 3
    Packing list 3
    Test certificates 1 set
    Batch history 1
    MSDS 1
    Toxicology data Neem Oil 1 set
    Efficacy data Neem Oil 3 studies
    Heavy metal/pesticide data 1 set
    Product literature 1 set
    CD ROM 1

    If you require any further information please feel free to contact us.

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    they have free samples I just have to pay for shipping I'm asking for their neem cake. I may also try out neem tree farm's cake soon, it's 35$ shipped for 20 pounds... compared to ahimsa's 20$ for ten pounds with the sample package (if each gallon is worth 70$). these products are all around the same cost. It'd be interesting to see how far they go down with bulk pricing....

    God knows this kind of product should replace the varieties of poisons our government has sold out to the corporations and stocked up our natural landscape and farms with.

    I'd love to see an "analysis to specification" for the materials used to grow something such as Genuity Roundup ready to grow soybeans. They actually post pictures of 'surprising' findings like a five bean soy pod- as if the random shit that GMO's produce is nothing more than a wonderful curiousity.

    Edit: seeing the ahimsa neem dilapidated gnats in my room confirms my view that neem is a superior pesticide. It really puts a halt on their reproduction and I like how slowly it releases.
  3. I thought for a minute you were going to order 5 metric tons. At least. ;)
  4. yeah I don't know how much 5 metric tons really is, but I bet that 2000$ worth would go a really long way, with it's slow release and 1.5 year shelf life- with some left over for tea brewing for foliar applications.... now all I need is several dozen acres to farm on....

    yeah that's what I do for a living. I'm a farmer (without land).
  5. The 2 compounds listed in this COA, Nimbin & Salanin, provide the majority of biopesticide qualities - way over and above Azadiractin.

    OTOH, Azadiractin is found in the great quantity and therefore the least expensive to extract and process. The so-called 'pure' extracts like Azatrol use a chemical process which is then removed - see! No harm no foul! Even OMRI gave it a thumbs-up!

    It's also Nimbin which is used as birth control in China, India and beyond. This is not limited to the holistic physicians practitioners.

    The leaves of the neem tree are added to grains when stored to prevent insect infestation.


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    Parker India Group


    PARKER INDIA GROUP is located in the south part of the Indian peninsula. Whose mission is to discover, promote and commercialize unique compounds and related process which

    Improves Human Health care
    Enhance the resistance and nutritional value of plants and
    reduces the presence of hazardous organic substances in the environment

    PARKER INDIA GROUP, Located in Tamil Nadu, INDIA., is venturing into developing compounds and related stabilization in the medical/pharmaceuticals, agricultural, PARKER seeks to commercialize applications through licensing and credibility to test results. PARKER seeks to commercialize applications through licensing agreements and joint ventures with established production, Marketing and distribution organization.

    PARKER offers and proprietary products and processes which include compounds that have distinct lytic and/or antiproliferative activity; compounds that enhance nutritional content of crops, a stabilization system, which has the capability of producing at compounds at a very competitive prices.

    PARKER is also working on the development and commercialization of high value/high volume. Agro-based products, recombinant proteins including therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies, proteins Of nutritional value, and industrial enzymes using both conventional fermentation route and form transgenic plants. The company is also pioneering the development and production of recombinant products derived from transgenic plants for human health and animal health.


    PARKER INDIA GROUP exporting more than 20 countries world wide and the growth of export increasing 100% every years. We associated with many overseas companies in order to keep the product availability to our customers very nearer to them


       Canara Bank (Government of India Enterprises)
       No.9 First Avenue , Ashok Nagar,
       Chennai-600 083 INDIA
       Ph: +91 44  2489 4044

       Export Credit approved : 20Millian
       Export Turn over           : 80Million
    OUR LAND :

    The Form of "OTTANKATTU THOTTAM" is the base of our research and production of export worthy items. Here we cultivate the method of " Organic cultivation ". The fertilizers and insert killer made by the neem based and natural fertilizer based items.

    The form is about 500 acres. Well prepared for the cultivation of the crops and medicinal plants.
  7. MIW

    I am probably mistaken but I believe that I've seen and Parker India Group used in the same sentence, i.e. that's Mrs. Rau's source - again I could be mistaken.

    It happens........

  8. Did you see the transgenic plants? GMO's in India?
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    hey MIW thanks for digging that up. It just goes to show, nothing's that easy.

    Including evading the slimy and lecherous tentacles of the loch ness monsanto and the like.
  10. I did after I re-read your post. Disturbing on several levels not the least of which is the cultural impact given the religious significance attached to this tree by Hindus, Sunis, Moslems, etc.

    I'll be sticking with the organic products. I had no idea.

  11. I replied to the above email requesting a free sample, and just got this email

    : Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your sample request.
    We can send upto 5 kg free sample for your evaluation.
    For 5 kg door delivery to you through Express Mail Service freight charge is USD.89.00
    If you require small qty we can send 2 kg the freight charge is USD.47.00
    We accept online payment through paypal invoice, as per your confirmation we will send you
    paypal invoice.

    11 lbs of cake for 89 $US??? I hope I didn't hurt this guys' feelings to elicit that offer?
  12. heh,

    but's it's a sample! :D
  13. One could probably do better through and their list of vendors out of China & India.

    Those are pretty steep sample prices to say the least. For $150.00 you can get 1 gallon of organic neem oil, 1 gallon of organic karanja oil, 5 lbs. of organic karanja meal and 5 lbs. of organic neem seed meal from - and that's the delivered price. No S&H charges.


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