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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by LilWyte2590, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. so onenight i was skating threw euclid park.its a small park but its nice.well anyways i was bustin out 3 deck ollies and kickflips and shit when these 2 guys approach me and one of them says "hey man could i try" and i said "sure".he sucked.but he was drunk.he gave me back my board and said "wanna get fucked up?".this was before i smoked weed,or drank or did anything.i was like "yeah sure."they asked if i had any money i said i had 3 dollars and they said alright thats good they handed me a bottle of soco and said drink up! and then his friend pulled out a bag of grass,must have been around an oz or so and he said "were gonna get fucked up".after a few swigs of liqour i handed them the bottle back and asked for a cig.i got one and about halfway threw smokin it i saw a guy in a blue uniform with a badge walking to our picknic table.i was like shit and dropped the cig and the guy witht he booze put his coat over it.the officer was asking us all kinds of questions when he noticed the bulge in the guys jacket.he asked whats in his coat and they guy just took off was funny.the officer looked at both of us and we both said we didnt know who the fuck that was.then the other guy all of a sudden toook of running(guy with the bud) and so did i.i looked back and the officer was scratching his head and looking back and forth from me to the guy with the bud,and then he just walked the other way.
    it fuckin sucks tho.i hardly caught a buzz.damn officers have to ruin my fun...
  2. thats pretty ghetto my friend
  3. Lol funny :hello:
  4. LMAO! He just ran? That is some funny shit.

    Sorry you didn't get to get fucked up :p
  5. hah thats a crazy im surpised he just stood there
  6. hahaha, was it a newbie cop? if it was, i can imagine him getting confused and not know what the hell to do lmao.
  7. One time i was skating wiht some kids and a police officer rolls up. Now the officer is definatley just gonna tell us to leave right? So the officer is talking to us for like maybee 30 seconds and this random kid just takes off running like he robbed a bank or something. the cop just watched him for a second and then started talking to us again. It was pretty funny at the time.

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