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  1. Mornin guys:wave:

    Ok so i have been trying to convinice my parents to start growing because we aren't a very rich family( they're both disabled) and they have been smoking for a pretty long tiime and my mom doesn't get an appitite unless she smokess. I know that if we lived in a state that offered medicinal then they would be able to receive it however that is not the case.

    The only reason they Won't agree is because they are so paranoid, they thinik that somehow everyone is going to know and that it will just say " iim growing weed" on the electric bills and the creditcard statements ect, they also thiink that running a 400w hps will cause a drastic change in the electric bill ( i heard its only around 5 dollars) My only problem is they DO NOT believe anything i tell them:eek:, should i just do it behind there back in my bedroom and surprise them with the fruits of my labor later on?:confused:
  2. I don't think they're going to see it as you doing them a favor if you try forcing them into growing when they don't want it done there, then when that doesn't work, go behind their backs and do it there anyway.

    If they don't want the risk, then you should respect that and not put them at risk.
  3. i also forgot to mention we live in the country and my dad is the only one really against it my mom understands where i am cominig from. i respect that they dont want to get busted and stuff but the only way it would happen would be if they told people, i however have been wanting to do it for a very long tiime because i think we have more of a chance getting busted when we have to drve an hour just to pick up some shitty weed.
  4. If you live in the country, why not grow some beautiful outdoor bud? Off of the property where the sun shines all day.
  5. Their house, their rules. It's that simple.

    If you have kids of your own someday, you're not going to want them making your decisions for your, or putting your property at risk, either.

    You're the one that wants to take the risk, but the problem is that you're gambling with their home & property. There's no way to justify that way of thinking, if that's what you're hoping to hear.

    Even if you decide to try giving outdoor growing a shot... do it somewhere else.
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    Only reason i havent done that is because theres alot of ditchweed in my area and i'm afraid it would rape my girls and get em prego ( i have permission to do it outdoors off property but its almost winter)

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