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  1. Recently i had 2 plants growing some of u saw pics some didn't well anyway one day when comming back from my girls house my dad told me my mom found my plants, damn mom has always been so damn nosie>>...So i have to kill the 2 plants in frond of my dad It was devasating indeed, but now i just need to find a new spot to grow. My kit is too big, my room is too small, i need my own place but due to the fact i have been taken off the schedule at work for insubboranation i have no money for bud or any ideas. Let this be a lesson, no plan is ever perfect>>......

  2. :)

    People never cease to be amazing.
    postive or negative, whichever the case may be. sorry to hear about your situation... i suppose its better than the hired force finding them though. only thing is, look at who hired em...
  3. I;m sorry about your luck bud. But look on the bright side, you learned a very important lesson from this. Don't grown unless you are sure of the location not being compromised.

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