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Parents... what to do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DH4life, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. So i go to college about 8 mi away from my house but i live in the dorms. and my parents have been looking at my bank statements lately and seen that ive spent some money,and they dont like they asked me to come home tonight so we can "talk" and i know this is going to be another one of those arguments where im gunna try and tell them that im not hurting anything and yeah ive spent some money but if i wasnt spending that money on weed im sure it would go to somethin else.

    And so i just want to know how your parents react to Mary Jane and what can i say to try to make them understand its not bad....

    any comments would be apreciated... Thanks Blades! :smoke:
  2. tell them to keep out of your personal stuff, why should it matter to them what you buy? unless its their money, if thats the case, i think you got the wrong part of the forum.
  3. print out like an article about medical and just put it on the table and sit back lolol
  4. not its allll my money.
  5. Hmm try telling them you just got a new girl friend and your trying to impress her or that you have been going out on weekends with friends. Another good idea is to probably be prepared for a Home D- test
  6. Are they paying for your college?
    If so they should have concern about where your cash is going, after all...
    You could foot the bill urself..
  7. Why in the HEll do your parents have access to your BANK records, you're an adult......BE ONE:rolleyes::smoke:
  8. 1. talk with them, deny drug usage
    2. contact your bank and take away their ability to see your statements.

    As an 18 year old ADULT, you can stop them from looking at your stuff. Unless either you're underage or you still use your parent's money from their account some how. But if you've got your own account, with your own money, then you should definitely cut them out of the equation.

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