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Parents Views Upset Me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, May 31, 2013.

  1. Whenever i start to think it may not be that bad if my parents knew i smoked they say something that makes my stomach turn. Like today, my dad was talkin about how kids at my school should get the cops called on them. He said, " those kids sitting out there in the morning, smoking. Cigarettes and their pot."

    It just makes me feel like if he found out that he would first of all get super pissed and threaten todo this and that, and also that he would think i am a loser. Which makes me even more mad because he used to an acid head and smoke too.
  2. I was upset when my grandma found out I smoked weed and told me after you stop getting high smoking weed, then you move on to other drugs. I was like =) keep talking.
  3. Yeah it sucks.  My parents are the same way.  I even mentioned to my mom how her views are old school.  I told her she's stuck in the Ronald Reagan era thinking weed kills brain cells, since we're a bit past that.  I'm just not gonna get caught.  I feel weird saying that because I feel like it's gonna mess up my luck and now I'm gonna get caught but I don't think my parents suspect a thing of me, so I'm just cautious and cover my tracks.  But yeah they'll be pissed if they catch me.
  4. Anybody feel like the gateway theory is a mindfuck created to make us say,
    "Fuck doing other drugs, ill show them!"
    and they actually know weed is all good..
  5. ... Where did that even come from
  6. #6 Lysogen, May 31, 2013
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    who cares?
    OT: old people can have dumb views
  7. Ahhhh to be 14 again..
  8. I feel more like it was created as another tool for the war on drugs. Knowledge is a powerful thing, because it allows us to make our own choices. Scare tactics limit pur choices.

    OP you'll find out one day that there's only so much you can do to please your parents while still being your own person. If they're good parents, they'll love you regardless of (most) of your actions. If not.. well, sometimes secrets can be another form of love.

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  9. What u stopped caring what ur parents thought after 14?
  10. Educate them. That's what I've been working on. When I first smoked weed my Mom was an ex-stoner and was sort of okay with it, but my Dad was like the typical parent. POTS IS BADS. I'm still educating him. I work everyday and do good in school, I think he understands now that weed hasn't hurt me in anyway. 

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