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Parents that smoke with their children, and children that smoke with their parents...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by haist, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. How do you feel about this?

    I started smoking with my son last summer. The little douche bag brought a couple bags of trainwreck with him to my mother's and asked if I wanted to indulge and without hesitation I told him to roll it up...

    Fuck, that shit had me almost as high as the 1st time I smoked lol. I hadn't smoked in a while before that AND I was used to smoking bullshit project weed lol.

    Oh and for the record I'm almost 40 and my son is almost 20.
  2. That's totally chill I have the same situation with my biological father same ages and everything. The only thing is I never met him till I was 18 and by then I was already a stoner, and he had been a lifelong stoner, so obviously we smoke together since we both like weed. I could never smoke with my mom though because she doesn't and never has and my stepdad is in the military, he wouldn't smoke anyways. By the time you're an adult I feel like you should have a mature enough relationship with your parents to be able to smoke with them at least occasionally if they also indulge in the herb.
  3. I smoked with many family members as a teenager.
    It would be fun to bring some dank over because there connects would usually be trashy and they would get high as fuck and I would just watch them and laugh. I think it's really good that you're able to smoke with your son and form a bond together.
  4. meh, not my cup-o-tea....
  5. I smoked with my mom the first time when I was in high school. She had written a paper on legalization in the 60s. I still have it somewhere. When she'd get stoned she was like the Jane Fonda character in 9 to 5. She died in a car accident in 1992. I really miss her.
    I haven't smoked with any of my 5 kids, but it wouldn't be uncomfortable. I've always been open about my use. My wife says it's great that I'm that open with them, she wishes I wouldn't make it sound like so much fun.
  6. smoked with my stepdad once and he got high as fuck. i always forget how lightweight other people are and i keep giving them more and more and they just get fucked. well he got so high he was convinced i gave him laced weed and we haven't smoked again since lol.
  7. In my opinion it should be treated just like booze. It isn't frowned upon to share beers why not a jay.
  8. My mom doesent care that I smoke but says that smoking with me would be trashy. I have however smoked with a friends mom Haha.

  9. My thoughts exactly.
  10. None of my parents smoke, my mom seems somewhat open to it, but I'm scared its going to bring out underlying issues
  11. 40, and online using shit like "lol"?
    Grow up, dude.
    Or, maybe I'm out of line?
  12. [quote name='"bp4er"']40, and online using shit like "lol"?
    Grow up, dude.
    Or, maybe I'm out of line?[/quote]

    You are just out of line

    40 year olds can laugh out loud if they want

  13. 1st off I'm ALMOST 40 lol

    2nd I didn't know there was an age limit on using "lol" lol

    Can I use icons or is there an age limit on those too?:D

  14. stop you're breaking his society-driven ideals :mad:


  15. lol, what the fuck can't tell if your serious. :confused:
  16. I'm 28 now but I still plan to be blazing it when I'm 40 and older I prob won't do it as much as I do now but especially if I'm still working and I have a stressful day then I can come home and relax with a bowl or 2.
  17. I've been smoking with my dad since I was 16 , i would only see him every other weekend, and it became our biggest bonding activity

  18. Same here. My mom smokes (she's 52 I'm 22) but she has always said that smoking with her child wouldn't be fun for her bc shed feel weird and it would harsh her buzz.

    She had no problem getting wasted enough in front of me to puke on the floor of a REALLY nice hotel room in NYC, but hey, that was just the one time :rolleyes:
  19. I would love to smoke with my parents but that'll never happen. I plan on smoking with my daughter one day if she is into it. Not sure the right age for something like that, though.
  20. [quote name='"joliesfleurs"']I would love to smoke with my parents but that'll never happen. I plan on smoking with my daughter one day if she is into it. Not sure the right age for something like that, though.[/quote]

    Id say propper age is 18+.

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