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parents stealing my weed!?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cold_lucid, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I moved back in about a month ago, and just yesterday I walked in to the kitchen and it smelled a little like my stash.. coincidentally, I thought a small portion of the stash was missing when I just looked at it. How would I ask my parents if they've been taking my herb? If they haven't, I obviously don't want to give myself away. Thanks
  2. You just moved back in?

    That was nice of your parents to accept you back.

    I would let it be.
  3. Find a new stash spot, if you don't want to give away your favorite hobby
  4. If you really don't want them to find out you smoke, then the only way I can think of is to start weighing your stash and keeping a log or something. Every time you smoke, reweigh it and write it down somewhere. Before you smoke, weigh it and see if its the same. That way you'll know whether or not you just think some is gone
  5. ya. cuz if not that crackhead paranoia will kick in even worse, then OP will end up killin his parents!!!
  6. this might make me seem stupid but here goes...

    when i was 15 my dad didn't want me to drive the car when him and my mom went on vacation. so, he put a hair on top of where you put the key in so, if i drove it, it would fall off. anyway, you could do something like that, like put something insignificant or unoticable on top of your sack and see if it moves. other than that, i like what one guy said about the scale. just weigh it before and after
  7. Haha just don't say anything until you catch them doing it. When you do, just blaze up with them.
  8. Hey, its not what I'd do... but he did ask how to tell if they were takin it :)
  9. I agree.

    I wouldn't say anything if I were you, even if they did take some; they are your parents and they are letting you live with them.
    But yeah, for the future, then just weigh it before and after a few times to see if you notice anything.

    Also, is there anyone else in the house that could possibly have scored some?:smoking::wave::hello:
  10. :rolleyes:

    the least u could do. lmao.
  11. i used to take my moms bud, and when i first started i took her piece and her screens, dam my mom was a sick ass stoner!

    i miss you mom!!!!!!!:wave:
  12. i know lol, at the time i was done typing it i just realized it sounded wrong that way haha
  13. Ha, I wouldn't be mad if they were pinching some off.. I probably owe them the favor. I was just really curious if they were. Thanks for the pointers. Peace

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