Parents sold house, are giving me $1000

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  1. I will be spending some of that on headphones, clothes, and the rest into savings. So out of this I will use about $200 to buy myself a nice bong.

    What do you guys recommend? I only have a pipe and have never had a bong. Something portable thought not obnoxiously large even though big bongs are sick. Maybe a RooR? what do you guys think with this price range?
  2. Roors are out of your price range.
  3. get a nice custom mini stemless bubbler from GWO/GMD!! and spend the other $50 on a sick slide!
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    Not true my buddy picked up a roor on sale in a head shop for $108. Listed at $230 but the owner of the shop was wicked chill and said it had been sitying for too long. Keep in mind that it was pretty basic with stock slide and obly an ice catcher
  5. invest or save ATLEAST 500 dollars
  6. clothes, headphones, and a much are you goinga have left !?
  7. Buy a cheap but decent glass bong, and then use the rest for some dank bud..

  8. muuch better.

    as for OP,
    don't worry about "brand names"
    when you see it you will know..
  9. i spent 120$ on my diamond bong about 2 years ago. Just a nice glass on glass bong with ice pinches. Straight tube and about 14' tall. I got about 5 bongs now cause buying glass is addictive but its still one of my favorite bongs.

    This is a old pic about 6 months ago

    DSCN1272 by KottonmouthStoner, on Flickr
  10. Go with this one... so much better!

    I mean look at this bitch... It just screams sex:
  11. In the 200 range I would suggest a few options, depending on what you want.
    For maximum diffusion, I agree with lez, the GMD/GWO mini tube would be fantastic. They are quite small (you should watch a video with someone holding them), but they have a ton of diffusion, and would give you the smoothest hit with the least drag. They are also fairly versitile because their short size is good for oils or vape-bonging.

    If you want a larger setup with a lot of versatility (and quality glass) I would look at HVY or SYN's straight or beaker tubes, which run around 100, and you can get a great diffused downstem, like an SG gridded downstem, an alex k showerhead, or a Luke Wilson downstem (there are other options, those are just some popular ones).
    You may also be able to talk to some small custom blowers other than GMD/GWO for a larger tube, I believe a user on this forum, smilyagent (apix glassworks), has made a few larger tubes, and I believe they are in your price range.

    Regarding the roor....The real ones are great quality tubes, but they don't offer much diffusion unless you upgrade the downstem. You can get a tube of equal quality for much less than a Roor, and often they even come with better diffused pay a lot for the ROOR label. However, if you really like them, and you want a tube that isn't particularly diffused they are a good choices. If you want less diffusion you could also get either tube I suggested and just not upgrade the dowstem as well.

    If you are open to bubblers then they are a great choice too. You can get a lot of diffusion, or less, all in your price range. You could probably find a great custom bubbler in your range from the blowers I listed above (not exactly sure of their prices, but I think you could get a bubbler from at least smilyagent in that range), and that B. Wilson 6 arm is a great choice, as are many others on that site.

  12. It looks great! Except for the mouthpiece, I prefer the small ones. Good price for that too
  13. thanks guys for all your input right now im just considering all my options and damn am i excited for whatever i get.

    might all come down to what bongs they sell at my local smokeshop so im going to check it out soon

  14. I would put a bill on that it's fake, but anything is possible.
  15. there are real roors in the grasscity shop. /thread

  16. no shit?:rolleyes:
  17. Your /thread ability's have been revoked.

  18. /thread abilities reinstated.


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