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parents smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by killakay, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. My mom and dad just smoked a j in my front yard at around 8 while I was inside cooking dinner. I could smell it through the window , which shows you how bad they are at concealing it. When my dad came in he had really red droopy eyes, and was gushing about his trip to NYC. It was weird that he'd think I wouldn't notice.
    what should i do, confront them when they're high or just ignore it. I vape my mflb all day, and I dont think they know. It doesnt bother me that they smoke I just find it strange because my mom is a lawyer and my dad is a doctor
  2. Don't do anything, they probably know that you know they smoke and they probably know you smoke as well. No confrontation = no problem.
  3. haha two successful stoners! smoke with them. lol
  4. Id probably not say anything.. if they confront you about you being high..just throw it back at them. Haha let em smoke on :smoke:
  5. i doubt your parents are stupid. they probably don't care if you know. what are you gonna do, call the cops ? go to your room while grown folks are tokin.
  6. Yeah man. Not even dumb people would think that you wouldn't notice. Sounds like they don't care if you smoke or if you know they do. They're obviously chill people, so don't take it for granted! Wish my parents were that cool!
  7. Find their stash and pretend to be all butthurt and completely misinformed about the subject. Call them druggies, it will ruin their lifes, and will make their brain rot. tell them you're disappointed with them. right after you say that, in that moment of silence, just be nah I don't care and smoke a joint with them
  8. If they're smoking go out and hang out with them. Don't invite them. Just be like mom dad ive smoked before lets hit this shit *****.
  9. If they let you drink with them when you were underage they would definitely let you smoke with them.
  10. its interesting. im not particularly close to my parents, im a keep to myself kinda fellow, but smoking with them would be pretty fun, but weird in some way. maybe when im older ill bring it up again (19 in less than a month)(my parents are 57 and 53 and divorced, but my dad lives in town and i see him 1-2 times/ week
  11. i use, a lot, of commas, when, i;m high, holy shit
  12. I would wait until they go out and start smoking up then go out there aswell. Then just see what they say. And maybe ask for a hit or just pull out a spliff and spark it depending on their reaction lol. But if you're 18 I can't really see them having a problem with it.
  13. [quote name='"killakay"']i use, a lot, of commas, when, i;m high, holy shit[/quote]

    Thats so true about me also.
  14. i dont mean they wouldnt let me since im young, since my mom gives me her great microbrews often, sierra nevada torpedo ftw! but i would just personally feel awkward/uncomfortble/creeped out by smoking with the parents, but maybe im just an immature 18 yr old. im sure in a few years ill be blazin with them frequently
  15. your blessed.
  16. haha guess i am
  17. whenever my friend runs out and can't get more he takes out of his parents jar
  18. Id rob them dry
  19. chill dude, have a smoke. If they shout at you, well you know their "dirty secret" they cant be such hypocrites can they?
  20. Just leave them alone.

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