Parents Seriously Considering Moving to the USA, Wow... (FL)

Discussion in 'General' started by 2Packed, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. So, here I am in Portugal (moved here from England a year ago) and now my parents are seriously considering moving to Orlando, Florida.

    I would, of course, move with them.

    This seems like an amazing opertunity as it is very hard for me to get a decent job in Portugal (language barrier).

    They would be coming over on a E2 Treaty Visa, this allows them to bring their children till they turn 21. (I am only 18)

    One thing that we cannot seem to figure out is this visa would allow me to work, obviously I would need a full time job (or at least $120/week).

    Is there anyone on here in FL, can you comment on employment?

    Please feel free to discuss this with me as I have a lot going through my mind right now and I need some help thinking about it!

    Peace Out :D
  2. As long as you are allowd to work, you should have no problem finding a $120/wk job in Orlando. Its a tourist place. I wouldnt mind working at disney, that would be awsome!:wave: Good luck! I know just moving house's is stressful enough. i cant imagine moving to other countries.... Peace, TBug
  3. There's plenty of job in orlando. Also good weed here.
  4. I dont know about jobs, but orlando definitly has some real good weed around, like johnny said
  5. Nooooooooooooooooo, well a move won't be too bad if Portugal has a poor showing at this years World Cup.
  6. portugal cant be as bad as usa's first game though

  7. Yes, that was rather embrassing, though the drubbing of Ukraine by Spain today was pretty rough. Though it will be interesting to see if they can continue to do it, granted they should seeing their weak grouping.

    Moving is never fun but I have gotten to see so manydifferent places, if you are a normal/somehwat normal person you should be able to make friends especially if you blaze.
  8. Orlando's a major tourist city, Which = $$$.

    Jus dont move to michigan, Economy is redicolous.
  9. Ok, are there any Floridians here?
  10. Yeah theres alot, use the search
  11. duuuuuuude portugal?? thats awesome! I'm half portuguese! Where in portugal are ya?
    I know what you mean about the language barrier! even the people at mc donalds dont speak english there!
  12. yea ksr said dont move to michigan cause the economy is terriable right now


  13. woop, south florida here=D.... Theres tons of jobs in Orlando lol, be a waiter or server at one of the restaurants up there, you'll walk with 100 a night if you get in a good place=D.

  14. Cool, waiter/server is not my thing tho.

    More like in a shop, or possibly a kitchen or whatever. (omg I have teh skills!!111!!) Nah, I mean I can get a reasonable job, I can build PC's etc. and I'm reasonably intelligent.
  15. Jobs are everywhere here in the 0-town, I see at least 10 now hiring signs a day
  16. yo 2packed im from orl when you het here we should have a welcome to america party man, yeah orlandos pretty chill , its nice not to big not to small just nice what part of orl you moving to
  17. ahhhhhhhhhh dont move to flordai haha

    i used to live there and i hated it, but i guess thats just personal preference

    anyways i have been to orlando many times and as stated earlier there are plenty of jobs there, everything there is a tourist atraction, maybe thats why i hated that place hah

    good luck!

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