Parents just found all my shit, what should I tell them?

Discussion in 'General' started by pyoung09259, May 31, 2006.

  1. Do you know of anything that I could say to them to try to prove what I already know, that marijuana isn't as harmful as people say?

    Also, do you have links to sites that can verify this, it would be GREATLY appriciated.

  2. Thanks for the semi-usefull post. I know I must sound like a little bitch asking for help, but I don't want to have to go into treatment or some shit.
  3. I suggest
    As for what to give them, create a little folder (or just print out the pages) and maybe even use a highlighter or pen to mark out important passages. Heck, at least make it seem like you read it or gave it some though.

    I am rather bored however, so here are some literature: - NORML, always a good place to start since they are very pro-marijuana, at least for medical reasons. - Institute of Medicine studying the effects of marijuana and such. A lot of anti-drug sites try to quote it, but they always take it out of context. So please check it over in case your parents come up with their own facts. I especially would like to point out chapter 3. - very good site about the pros and cons of marijuana use. They have articles and if you have read it, it'll show that you at least understand the negative side-effects of smoking marijuana. Yes, there are some, and yes, I think you should admit that you know them or else they'll catch you in a lie/false information and believe that you haven't done the research that you claim to have.

    I am sure you can find many many more sites. I wish I have the option of approaching my parents about my habit!

    (of course, I don't endorse mj use for those under the age of 18. You are 18 right? Right?!)
  4. Of course I am eighteen, you have to be to join the forums:). But still, I gotta do something, otherwise I can kiss my finacial support during college goodbye.

  5. I just think you should have had the knowledge to prove your point before you ever started smoking.
  6. Tell them you're an adult, it's your body, your perogative.
  7. I advise citing goverment (although I know they are extremely biased and less than half the truth) sources that contradict themselves. For example I did this on my senior project and got an A on it. Here's what I did: I went to the DEA website and found an article that says marijuana has no medical effects. Why does it say that? Because it does not treat any disease. However 2 paragraphs down it mentions morphine. Last time I checked morphine wasn't a cure to any disease yet a temporary relief of pain (kinda like marijuana huh....) So morphine is legal because it relieves pain yet marijuana does the exact same thing and marijuana has less harmful effects per use and little or no risk of physical dependence. These proven facts like "marijuana has less harmful effects per use and little or no risk of physical dependence" can be found by using google.

    There's your evidence right there.... good luck
  8. i'd do that but write a report kind of thing. read as much as you can then when you know enough write it all out and cite it all like he said.
  9. lol i never understand where you get time for this. Your parents find your stuff, stand there, you say hold on gotta go onto these forums real quick, find your answer, then tell them?
  10. You tell them its better than drinking! It's healthier, safer, and wiser. I would say that same thing to my mom, and i'm 38. the only reason i started tokin was to cut my beer consumption. My father died from liver desease. I WILL not go out that way! I want to be around for my childern. Not only that, but cutting your college funding will not change who you are. People do what they do! The question is, can they function in society and achieve greatness in the process?
    Look at me, I am a HS geometry teacher. I go to work each day(sober of course) and get my job done. Kids learn a great deal from me, and i love my job. -case closed! T.Bug
  11. Hoast, you are being rude! shit happens. If you cant fall back on your friends, then who do you turn to? ya'know, you make your choices and you live with em'. dude is looking for some advise, not critesism.:devious:
  12. Hey man I was put in your spot a couple months ago. Had to go to therapy once and didn't go back because I refused. Then you have to go through random drug tests....Good luck with that.
  13. How did they react when they found it? I dont know your parents and their values, so I cant tell you exactly what to do. But you have a few choices. One, if they are open minded, try to educate them on marijuana - like a few people have allready said. Print out good, valid information and show it to them. If your parents are laid back, you could just be like "look I smoke weed and I'm not gonna stop". Or, if your parents are really strict and there is no way they are going to accept you smoking, tell them it was a mistake and it wont happen again. Tell them you just wanted to try it to see what the fuss was about, tell them you didnt like it and your never going to do it again. Of course, that last one may depend on the size of your stash. If it was to big to be "just trying it" just tell them you will quit if they want you to. If they do want you to quit, I really think you should untill you move out.
  14. You must be new here. ;)
  15. Just say April fools.

  16. :hello: Its oregano, GOTYA!!!!!
  17. take their shit, give em a week or so to calm down, and approach them. it might work for you, but it doesent work for my mom. it worked on my bros, but my moms being ignorant and hardheaded.
  18. give em the best facts you can find on why it isn't bad for you in moderation. Make sure to only give them FACTS you are 100% sure you can back up. Then tell em it's your body your life, and that none of this will effect your preformance in school. Then leave it at that and hope for the best i guess haha

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