Parents Just Don't Understand

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  1. One of my biggest goals is to get my parents, my mom especially to see that trees really aren't that bad. That they make life so much better even for an occasional smoker. It takes the edge of a harsh day, gives you an opportunity to relax and appreciate life. Like is said, Parents Just Don't Understand.
  2. Correction: YOUR parents just don't understand.

    I smoke with mine all the time. :yay:

    Just teasing. Imo, pull up some REAL information (not just "it makes me happy" "it feels good") and talk to them. Always good to educate people on the subject. A+.
  3. Definitely, the documentary "The Union" is something I plan on showing my mom, it'll open her eyes and she will see the true history behind it, and how useful it really is, not only for a high but for a lot of things.
  4. And for further reference! I am not racist my name simply means I discriminate blunts from joints!

    Thank You.

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