Parents..IM going to snap

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  1. Okay I've said this a lot now I'm 18 and live with my mom and my girlfriend lives with her parents. I'm getting the vibe they don't want there daughter to be with me. Me and her have gotten in a lot of fights we've been going through a rough stage but I'm starting to get really commited to making this relationship a healthier one.

    I have anger issues like I can get a temper easily this obviously isn't a good quality for a boyfriend to have. Not the mention family problems and all this other stress im having just make me tick even easier.

    I'm not physically abusive I just things she says and blow them out of porportion without even wanting to. I'm working on it hard though because I love her. We've had a very bumpy relationship that's had good times too. I wouldn't and can't ever leave her.

    Anyways last night we got into a fight and unfortunatly her mother was somewhat there to witness it. Anyways me and my girlfriend go on a bad walk together and she ended up dissapearing when I had to throw my bike over the fence onto the traintracks. And she ended up going home alone while I was panicking looking for her. We're both so stubborn we act like we're tough and stuff but when it hits the point where we it goes to far we leave the act of being stubborn.

    Anyways her mom was talking about calling the police if I couldn't find her. She was saying how her daughter has so much school work, etc and doesn't need the extra stress. Pretty much hinting at me that she doesn't want me with her daughter.

    And then this morning my homephone leaves a voicemail for my mom from her mom saying they need to talk, etc.

    Imma stop writing
  2. What the hell dude, don't fucking yell at your girlfriend. Be a man.
    As for her mom, imagine if you had a daughter and she was dating a guy like you. Put yourself in their shoes. It should absolutely never get to the point where somebody has to runaway to get some time away from you.
  3. Time for you to move on or change yourself. You'll never find happiness.
  4. Yes. Her mom has no choice but to try and break you guys up. I'm sure you know that yelling at a girl in front of her mom is seriously bad, but if you couldn't control your anger then how is she supposed to believe you'll be able to keep yourself from physically abusing her daughter either?

    And you say that the relationship is in a rough patch but you're more committed than ever. So she isn't? If you were both more committed than ever to a healthy relationship then the rough patch would be over. You wouldn't and can't ever leave her, but if she decides that she wants to leave you then you have to let her.
  5. You wouldn't and can't ever leave her? You're 18, dude. Seriously. I don't think I need to explain any more than that. You're 18. And you go on a walk together and she ends up disappearing because she doesn't want to be around you?

    You two don't sound like you have a good relationship. Why do you want to be with someone that you constantly argue with?

    You should get out of this relationship before it gets really bad. You have bigger things in life to worry about than a relationship that is not healthy.
  6. Painful, but wise advice.

    OP, you may find happiness, but unfortunately, it sounds like it won't be with her, or it won't be until you are willing to make some pretty big changes, changes that are not easily done nor done overnight.

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