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Parents have caught me

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rollin152, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. So today my parents confronted me about my smoking. They said that they had been suspicious for a while. They were not happy. They were telling me how it would turn me into a loser and how it makes people stupid. They were also pissed that I would drive while I was high. They think that it makes you drive like your drunk. They even gave me the gateway drug speech and said that today's weed is far more potent then it used to be. Basically they think that I am a no good loser now even though I have all A's in my classes and a job. What do your parents think of your smoking and how do I convince them that it's not as bad as they think?
  2. tell them you have straight As and a job, and that they dont know what theyre talking about, and that as an adult you feel it is fine for you and youre going to continue doing it.
  3. Im not trying to be bitchy, but man these threads are made literally everyday. There needs to be just one huge thread for people ranting/talking about their parents and their smoking srs. 
    As for you op, I dont know. Show proof of your straight As all you want but theyre still going to be against it. Do you smoke at home?
  4. I've only smoked outside my house a couple of times
  5. Their home, their rules...and you are their kid. With that said there is tons of factual information out there, but you can't change some people's opinions. Do they drink? If so preach the dangers of alcohol, same with tobacco. If they don't imbibe in anything.... Then save up and move out!
  6. Dude, my parents said the same shit, just tell them what they wanna hear, learn from your mistakes. They probably won't come to a compromise while you're in school. And youre not a loser. Losers quit school, jobless ( choose not too work) don't support they're loved ones. no Sounds like you have a bit of sense and a good head on your shoulders. Its a part of dealing with your parents while growing up. Keep the shit out of school, and keep it on the DL. don't hang with kids that will get you in trouble, have a positive attitude. Don't hate your parents for getting mad, it's new to them to and may have a tendency to over react. How did they bust you??

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  7. Hyper ballad don't be a bitch. And don't say you ain't trying to be a bitch when clearly that is your point. Go bitch on roll it up. Or start a thread on "let's bitch without trying to be a bitch. They're are a few of you out their and need to keep to your damn self.

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  8. I never understood the argument that weed today is more potent. How is that a bad thing?
  9. People have always viewed pot as a bad thing and now in our days it is much more potent or as some view it dangerous.  Not really a good argument but I can see where some people are coming from.
    Its just very difficult to change peoples opinions especially when they have been brought up there whole lives being taught that pot is bad.  Just give it a few years and some people will change their opinions as more information gets spread around.
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    oh come myth...the straight laced sin free sick of hearing about this unicorn of mankind... :laughing: :ey: :smoking:
  12. Back when I was living at home I came to a realization that you'll probably never change your parents' perception of drugs lol
  13. right? i mean if anything parents should be glad we have to spend less money to get high nowadays.
  14. No matter what you say, parents who don't do the same will not understand or tolerate the use of mind altering drug. Nothing will change their perception about drug users, no matter how good your grades are or have a job. I'm a parent and using this for medical purpose, but no way I will allow my kids to use this stuff for any other reason. They can move out when they're old enough, then do whatever they want. Too much risks using this stuff illegally, everybody knows that, and that's what your parents are trying to avoid. Get your own place if you're old enough, otherwise goodluck.
  15. If I were this kids parent and he came at me like that, I'd politely remind him he can take his adult ass out of my house and pay his own bills.  You aren't really an adult unless it's your name on the lease/mortgage and the bills.  And you aren't an adult, unless you realize how shitty it is to be an adult and you wish you were a kid again....really, it's true, pretty much all adults, wish they could be kids again.  (unless they were beaten or molested or something like that).  We all miss nap time, we all miss coming downstairs and having a hot meal put in front of us, we miss being carried from place to place.
  16. My parents caught me smoking in my room. Thats how they found out. But that was over a year ago. They told me not to smoke in the house. I think they just know im gonna keep smoking even if they told me not to because they know im old enough to make my own decisions. So they don't really say much. If your parents really had any respect for you then they would say the same... As for smoking in the house, i dont do it any more because its their house and their rules and... not mine. Its all a matter of respect here man.

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  17. Your parents are chumps. And you shouldn't have got caught, you are the product of chump

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  18. More potent -> Less plant matter smoked -> healthier.

    More potent is a good thing... people have been getting baked off their ass for ever they just used a lot more of it

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