Parents Gone For The Weekend, Trying To Find Things To Do With Girlfriend

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jaydollasign, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Hey all,

    My parents will be gone for the weekend so I can basically smoke inside my house with no consequences at all. I'm trying to find any activities to do inside my house that people have done from open house experiences. For example, smoking a bong while having sex, making a fort and hot boxing it, ect. Anyone have any suggestions of fun things they've done before?

  2. How about smoking outside and enjoying the girl friend indoors?
    No need to be completely disrespectful while they are away. Plus chit happens and why risk a bust?
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    Don't wanna go outside when its cold and raining out [​IMG]
    Plus I've done it before and everything always turns out fine because I'll make sure it's completely aired out before they get home, but I'm just trying to find some activities to do.
    Also, I can go outside and smoke whenever, that's why I wanna find something to do inside which I normally wouldn't be able to do.
  4. fuck the bitch everywhere. get her drunk. call up a freind of hers and let the fun begin
  5. Have copius amounts of sex, why is this even a question?
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  6. ^^^ I can do that regardless if my parents are home or not lol, I'm trying to find something I definitly can't do while they're home, aKa smoking bong while having sex or making a fort and boxing it.
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    you're asking what's something fun i've done when i was home alone with my girlfriend?

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  8. Play with flash lights in your fort. Of course.
  9. Ya'll are acting like your virgins and want to have sex constantly and every single day, trust me with any relationship if your fucking every single minute ya'll are together you will get bored of it with her Sex isn't that important, to op I would make a fort, smoke in it and fuck inside the fort. Lol in all seriousness invite a few friends over and smoke and chill, play some tunes and have a cool night to remember. Cheers
  10. Build a pillow fortress.

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  11. Smoke weed, order pizza and watch funny ass movies or whatever. Wish the girls I was with smoked but none of them ever did

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  12. Building a fort? What the fuck am i reading?

    Dude, there is only one fucking word to describe what you need to do.

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  13. Sounds like you already have 2 pretty good ideas.....
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    how about tying your naked girlfriend to dinner table and whipping her meanwhile she is agreeing loudly with your screaming Do you like that? Do you love that?

    is she into that?

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  15. Yes I agree with the above post, nothing like porking your girl on the kitchen counter
  16. I smoke in my house everyday

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  17. Man, times have changed.
  18. lmao i been awake 24 hrs now and im high as fuck but this kid is making me laugh...everyone telling him to fuck but he wants to build forts lol
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  19. Play "Who can cure human starvation first"
    The first person to do it won't be a waste of life.
    That goes for all of you whose parents are going out of town.
  20. If you have to create a useless thread on a pot growing forum to figure out what you want to do in YOUR PARENTS HOUSE while they've gone out of town and TRUSTED YOU enough to leave you alone in their house, you're a sad little person. GROW UP!!! That would be my first advice. When you GROW UP, GET A JOB AND PAY YOUR OWN BILLS....then you can figure out really cool and fun things to do AT YOUR OWN PLACE!!!!!!! Show some respect dude!! They're your parents and they're providing you with free room and board and a little trust thrown in. Why don't you do something stupid to screw it up. If you can't do it in front of your parents, I seriously doubt it's a good idea to sneak around and do it while they're not in THEIR house!! TWW

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