Parents found out I smoke

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    Okay, so my parents recently found out I smoke (first found out on election day, i was high) and at first they were very upset. I didn't have any true punishments or consequences except for one small thing. They have to watch all my cash that I got for Christmas and my birthday, which was November 8th (election day). They hold all my money and they know I will spend it on weed if they give me any, so they don't. But I am trying to buy weed and as you now know I don't have any cash. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get cash?
  2. Cya bud :)
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  3. ??
  4. Have them invest in an IRA and come back when you're 18 and we will tell you what to do with the cash and interest.
  5. thanks bro : |
  6. I meant a CD but never to early to plan for retirement!
  8. Get a bbw girlfriend u dont need cash see ya
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  9. No not technically, not literally, nor ironically.. you just NEED TO BE 18.

    Or shut the fuck up about not being 18 but cats out of the bag right?
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  10. The cats on my lap actually! I can't take a pic of him, but here are two other stinkers! Star (black with white) and Rhett (orange.) Theyre super cool

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  11. No way too cute!
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  12. Emancipate yourself, young Padawan.

    Learn to save, you will.
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  13. DUDE....if you're living at home with you parents and they are footing the bill for everything in your life (apart from gifts), you are only showing your parents disrespect by smoking pot if it's something that they are not in agreement with. When you become an adult and have done the important things like get an education, a job and a place of your own, THEN you can make your own decisions. Until then, they're the boss and it's just telling them that you have no respect for their wishes. Once you lose the trust of your parents, you'll have to work long and HARD to ever get it back and it's just not worth it. Be thankful you have parents you actually care for you and who want the best for you. But MJ is an adult thing and it would be smart of you to set your mind on much more important things. God knows we've got enough worthless stoners already. TWW
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  14. So cute :3

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  15. This ^^^ nailed it

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  16. This post actually made my tuna sandwich more enjoyable.
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  17. Lmaoing @ this thread.
  18. Just go in the gun cabinet and show them who is the real boss, that'll show them. Nothing can hurt you on weed, nothing!

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