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Parents fed up. Cops involved. I have a question?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Weedith, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. My mom found weed in her bathroom today, im stupid i know. Ive been caught countless times and shes fed up. Theres nothing i can do, shes taking the weed to the police tomorrow. Obviously, im going to fail my drug test. Unless i dont have to take one for about a week. What are my options?
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    op relax , shes not taking weed to police department unless shes suffering from mental illness's.

    your options are to relax, not smoke in her bathroom or the house (atleast when you dont have enough time to clean up) , smoke outside.

    and stop getting caught
  3. if she took weed to the police tomorrow she will get arrested for possession of marijuana, not you kiddo.
  4. Lol the cops have no idea it's even yours just deny deny deny she's wasting her and your valuable time

  5. she has it bagged up and ready! i just am not sure how it works...if she takes it there saying its mine, im guessing ill be drug i right? and then if i fail get probo or something and if i pass they call her crazy and im good
  6. just chill out, because only a retard would take a bag of weed to the police station and try to get you in trouble (no offense to your mother:)

    stop getting caught! gain back her trust!
  7. LOL. Tell her dumb ass to flush it down the toilet. Taking it to the cops is gonna get her arrested.
  8. Smoke outside. Respect your parents. Find a better spot than your parents bathroom? Dude, there's so many obvious hiding places you could use. Behind your drawers (if they come out), inside an instrument, ceiling tiles, inside a stuffed animal, etc. Be creative.
  9. Demand to the police its not yours lol they cant do anything. This will piss your mom off like a motherfucker which could be hilarious yet disastrous for you. But make her know bringing it to the police would "really fuck up your future". (Prolly wouldnt actually do anything)

    And buy fake pee or get a really good friend to piss in a condom/small bottle.

    And HELL NO THE COPS WONT DRUG TEST YOU! Youre mom is just going a lil physco because she thinks her kid is setting him self up for failure(are you?).
    Theyd have to literally yank my dick out to get a drip from me.

  10. You're not getting probation? She's the one in possession of the weed not you. If she takes the weed to the police she will get arrested. It's obvious bud
  11. sub'd waiting for the results

  12. If she takes it to the police will she get in trouble?
  13. Are you trolling? They can't drug test you just because your mom said you had weed. On the other hand, if you aren't 18, your mom can force you to get a drug test. It doesn't matter (in the eyes of the law) if you fail for marijuana. As far as anyone knows, you smoked a bunch of weed a month ago and it's still in your system. There's no reason to be worried, other than for your mom's sake
  14. The weed will be in her possession.

    Even if you fail a drug test.

    If she takes it to the cops she's kind of stupid.

  15. If your mom walks into a cop shop with a bag of weed, it won't be YOU who is tested....

    The cops would need a warrant to DT you anyway I'm pretty sure.

    Show some respect to your mom and stop smoking in HER house or leaving bud around in HER house.
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    shes bluffing most likely and wants you to sweat and think your getting in trouble with the law. it is highly unlikely that she actually takes it to police department.

    but theres always x factors so meh who knows :confused:

  17. So theres not even a chance the cops would be like "Its her kid, lets teach him a lesson" and be on her side? Ive never had to worry about weed with the law before, never been caught.
    I gurantee if i get tested in the next week im failing.
  18. fuck going to the police . :smoking:
  19. Tell your mom that if she takes it to the station, she is going to get in trouble for possession of marijuana. Has she seriously not thought that through? The cops cannot randomly drug test you just because some lady says you smoke weed. Unless you're under 18 of course, then your mom can drug test you all she wants (although this is the US, so a positive marijuana test can't get you in trouble with the law).

    NOBODY CARES IF YOU FAIL EXCEPT YOUR MOM. She already knows you smoke. The cops don't give a FUCK about you or your weed smoking habits. Get this through your head dude. Your mom is the only one with power over you in this situation, she is the only one that can administer the drug tests and the punishments. Try to understand this. You are overreacting.

    How old are you?
  20. She could of course tell the police she fears there is illegal narcotics in HER house and ask them to come search it....... Make sure you clean your shit out of there.

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