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Parents drug testing me every week!?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RoXyFoOj, May 6, 2016.

  1. so my parents are going to drug test me every week. I got caught smoking a few times. (Responsibly) the only reason they hate weed is because my brother went mentally insane and had to go to a mental hospital. Don't ask me. I don't know what that idiot was doing.
    I have my medical card. But needs to be renewed. They just don't care. They will kick me out of the house. They hate drugs and prefer drinking. I hate drinking. I don't want to tell them off because they are crazy strict and scary. I know I'm old enough to move out. I'm just waiting for a better job.
    I know I should quit but I honestly only smoke at night. It helps me with my insomnia (which is really bad.) my anxiety (which is terrible) and eating habits.
    They want to randomly test me once a week.
    My question is would it be bad to just take like 2-3 hits from a blunt each night to help me sleep. Or maybe once a week after the test. Would it show? Would I have to take cranberry pills? Or niacin?

    Any advice for weekly drug tests would be very helpful thank you!
  2. So you're going to detox every week just so you can get high once a week? Bad idea. Just stop smoking until the situation changes.
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  3. If you are being tested weekly, you will get caught again. Your situation will go from bad to worse. How much are you willing to risk, just to get high?

    You can make this a short term problem by just staying clean for a bit. Ease your parents worries & life will go on until you are in a position to call your own shots. It sure isn't worth doing any long term damage to your life.
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  4. Stop smoking for a while. Tell ypur parents that you stopped smoking. Piss your first few tests clean, then maybe your parents will get off your back and stop testing you. Then you will just need to toke more cautiously in the future.

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  5. Spend all your efforts on moving out or being prepared to move out then it becomes a nonissue. Waiting for a better job? ROFL. Bet that takes forever. Waiting on an executive position? Stop waiting for the perfect job and go get one and maybe a second one? Oh then you have to grow up......never mind. No wonder America is falling into a pile of shit. This is America's future. Lazy people that never move out YET want to smoke dope at home in another person's house.
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  6. shit one bro
  7. I know that you're replying to OP and that my position is different than his/ hers, but I live at home still, work 2 jobs, go to school, and smoke in my house when I'm not supposed to. I also have a medical card, so it's not illegal in any way. I don't have nearly enough money saved up to pay monthly rent on an apartment, but I can afford the small amount of bud I buy to get me by. Just because you live at home still doesn't mean you're a worthless piece of shit.

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  8. That being said, I agree with wafdof here.

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  9. Cranberry pills. Now that's funny.
  10. Yeah the harsh dad in me comes out Way too often. My daughter wants to work but we rather she didn't and she is 18 about to go to college. That being said she has rules and she knows there is no chance of a compromise on certain things. Everybody wants to do what they want to do and I'm no saint it is part of life reaching for the limits of your boundaries. I get it. That being said I've never done something my parents absolutely said no to ever in my adult life. (I'm sure I did plenty when I was real young). I have way too much respect for them AND myself.
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  11. I honestly would have more respect for my family's rules on smoking had my own mother not had a medical card (used for recreational purposes) a few years ago. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to follow the "do as I say, not as I do" rule.

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  12. If they're piss testing, you're gonna test positive for at least 2-4 weeks after your last hit, do they know this? Because if not, and I really hate to say this, you're fucked and they won't believe a word you say, period.

    I'm so sorry, dude.
  13. Do not try and detox or do any of that sort of thing. Just try to move out and stop smoking for the time being.

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