Parents curious about Credit Card bill . . ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by bigbrah21, May 15, 2010.

  1. Hey guys I successfully ordered seeds from Attitude. However, my mom opened my credit card bill and noticed "attitude gifts" along w/ a foreign exchange note. i'm very sure they know nothing of the seed bank and it would be the last thing ot come to mind, but does anyone have a good answer i could give them??
  2. Tell them you bought a friend a gift online.
  3. tell them it will produce some really good shit;) hey if you care what your parents think does that mean you are under 18 and not supposed to be here by any chance;):D
  4. how would someone under 18 have a credit card..... unless.... mom is questioning y HER credit card bill has a foriegn charge from attitude gifts.... lol
  5. "Stay out of my mail and don't worry about it"
  6. i just wanted to raise suspicion :devious:;):D
  7. "mom ive been investing in european porn........ you know how they are in amsterdam"
  8. This. Make sure they know its NOT acceptable to open your mail. A few years back I dropped the "Its a federal crime to open mail that doesn't have your name on it" statement...she didn't open anymore after that LOL

    And you can easily get a CC under 18. Try getting a pre-bought CC from a store that doesn't have a name on it (say its a gift for someones bday).
  9. yeah.. this.
  10. LMFAO!!!! Anyway, Did you order stealth shipping? If so, you got a CD, T-shirt, coffee see where I'm going with this???? So why exactly are you worried?

    Mom: WTF you order wit my card:mad:
    You: A nice coffee mug mom:rolleyes:
    Mom: Ya had to order it from fuckin europe?:confused:
    You: Man, it is lke a collectors item man:cool:
    Mom: Ok, but you better smoke some of that shit wit me when you get it done!;)
    You: :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  11. man i wish thats what my mom would have said when she intercepted my seeds
  12. he said it was a credit card with a bill.... anything prepaid wont have a bill or statement. it had to be a credit card for her to see the charge. and u CANT get a cc in ur name if ur not 18.... ur not of age to enter a legal contract unless ur 18 and a cc is a legal contract between u and them... long story short.... kid stole moms cc number to buy seeds and got busted.... now he needs an excuse for her

  13. I'm 21. It's my card, but she opened the statement. (IDK why, pisses me off)

    no stealth. not really worried i think it will blow over soon. but that would be a great conversation!!:p

    Again, you are speculating hardcore. It's my card, but bill gets sent to my home (not college) address. I'm back now and have to deal w/ it. :smoking:

  14. Just let them know that's not ok , and hopefully it wont happen again !
  15. just tell her it is for an intrusive vibrating sex the time she puts those words together to form "dildo" .. she will be so red, and embarrassed it will never ever happen again ....

    just my .02

  16. ahahahahahahaha, nice
  17. Tell her to stay the fuck out of your mail, that's a federal offense
  18. I'm loving all this sex-humor! lol

    but yeah, the federal offense is def a good reason.
  19. not everyone can use the federal offense excuse though. people have different relationships with their parents and saying "stay out of my mail" isnt the best option. a gift for a friend may be pretty good of an excuse and if she asks why from europe. its the only place i was able to find that specific thing
  20. well if ur 21 just say "mom i smoke pot and plan on growing my own." sorry to speculate..... but if ur 21 u need no excuse tell her to accept it or bite one

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