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Parents Caught Me.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MyNamesAustin, Jun 6, 2013.

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    First off, yes, I'm 18 and can't afford to live on my own.
    I got a long ass speech, and was even asked if I needed help with my "marijuana addiction". I told my parents about how marijuana isn't dangerous, but being that they believe everything they initially hear, they didn't listen. They pretty much noticed how I've been "moody" and always had my car keys on me, so they drug tested me and of course I failed.
    They made me search my car and they took my bong, bowl, Magic Flight, grinder, and all the other shit I had in there, tossed it in a garbage bag, and contemplated on how they're going to dispose of it without getting in trouble. Good thing I finished this eighth I had a few days before.
    But now that I'm out about $300 in smoking equipment and getting drug tested randomly, it looks like I gotta take a break, save some money, and move out.
    I just wish my parents were more tolerant towards weed. I just landed a pretty good job for my age and I'm heading to college in the fall or winter. It's also not like I'm smoking inside their house either. I usually vape in my car when I pull into my subdivision, put drops in my eyes, go on the computer, and do my own thing. And of all times too, today is my graduation so that kinda ruined that. Whatever.
    Well I hope everyone else is smoking good. Hope to be joining you soon.
    (oh, and apparently one "marijuana joint" is equivalent to 6 puffs of tobacco, didn't know that...)

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    Don't move out. You can still toke and moving out will run you more money. Buy some fake urine and call it a say. Also, thanks for the fact, didn't know that either.
  3. Tell your parents that their statistics are wrong. There is a documentary called The Union, that would be very eye opening to them on the real effects of weed, reasons behind the war on drugs, and calls out a lot of false propaganda. You can win this battle, just arm yourself with facts!
  4. Damn, that sucks dude. Nevermind on the day you're graduating, that's bullshit. Sorry about that man. But I mean maybe this is a good thing. You have to see both sides of the coin. Maybe this is the motivation you needed to move out and get your own place. I know it's hard, but try to see the positives, even though right now you might feel like there aren't any.
  5. lol wow shooting for the stars huh!? damn.. why not move out and start your own life? make your OWN rules? lol... fake urine... 
  6. In my car... I keep a bong, bowl, magic flight, two grinders... weed..
    If my parents tried to tell me I couldn't smoke (mind you, my mom knows and doesn't care at all and I recently told her) I would move out. I'm sorry you got caught/your parents aren't cool enough to at least talk about it. It's a wise decision to move out as soon as possible.
  7. Just saying, he'll save more money if he doesn't move out. But the first few months before college, then you can move out and hotbox the whole apartment and send your mom/dad a picture of what the good life feels like while exhaling smoke.
  8. It sucks to be where your at right now, but if you just look at it differently it could be a positive thing like some others mentioned. If you think that all that money you spent on product plus the smoking equipment, you could have a decent chunk of money for saving towards your own place. And living on your own sooner is definatly worth it.
    And yeah i got the same kind of speech from my parents a few times. My dad didn't care tho, he just smashed my pipes in front of me.
    FOund out years later that he would take my confiscated stash and go smoke it himself lol. THe way i see it is if your living with them, you "pretty much" gotta follow the rules. ANd hopefully you can work it all out soon.
    Good Luck!
  9. Google the Schaefer commission report. Nixon did a shit ton of research trying to show how bad weed was. The report said it was safer than booze, so he shit canned it, but it is available online.
  10. Man you are whipped.
    I would have never let them search my car nor drug test me.
  11. Um yeah if you are really 18 and your parents want to randomly drug test you you need to move out. 
  12. Cool story bro.
  13. I can help you through your marijuana addiction.
  14. Why post this here?
    QA section, not a single question was answered
  15. Haha i laughed hard when youre parents said one joint is equal to 6 tabacco puffs ,hilarious "Clap Clap" :lol:
  16. legally they can't drug test you. you're 18..
  17. Legally they can kick him outta the house if he refuses the tests he's18 after all..:
  18. If your parents "believe everything they initially hear" then wouldn't they believe you when you say marijuana isn't bad...
  19. Mellow out bro
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    My mom smelt smoke me when I came from outside smoking...
    I was planning on going to school for 2 years then moving out but that and coupled with the questions about my sleep patterns, and having to smoke on certain days and having to go in the woods pushed me to make my move back to WA sooner...

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