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Parents calling cops on their own kids

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bongsin, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. So... we all know lots of parents upon finding weed sometimes threaten or even do call the cops on their own kids.

    how would police even respond to such a call? Would they even come? I know my parents have said they would call if they found stuff in the house but they never have. I heard of someone in highschools parents calling the cops when they found a bong but i dont remember the outcome.

    Any stories you have or have heard/opinions on this?
  2. its usually more to scare the bujeebus out of the kid than actually press charges. like when a dad catches a kid smoking and makes him smoke a whole pack at once
  3. Yes they would come and arrest you if you're over 18. If you're under 18 I believe it may not be as severe.

    I think it's immoral and the first impulse to do for some parents. If they were raised to call 911 whenever something arises illegal, that will most definitely be their first impulse.

  4. I suppose whether or not the cops would come depends on how busy they are at that moment. I'm sure they're not going to pass up a domestic abuse call or some shit to go charge a teenager with marijuana possession.

    But if you're living with your parents and they do come, they could search your room and charge you with possession.

    If you think your parents are the type to do that, then don't keep your stash/paraphernalia in their house.

  5. Yeah, I have lenient parents so they just let me off with stern concern for me. :hello:
  6. lol if i knew they called they wouldnt find anything without a dog unless they tore the room apart and id be like yeah nothings in here i hid it in my parents room you should check in there and then theyd tear their room apart too hahah

  7. Trolling parents at it's finest :hello:
  8. Had mine do it prom night senior year (8 years ago).........they never showed. That was the only kinda funny part of the whole ordeal seeing my dad's face when he realized they had better things to do.

    It was very stupid on my part, but some left some leftover bud from a blunt out next to the tobacco from it out in plain sight and actually forgot about it being while out running around getting my friend a sack. Got a text they were home, shortly followed by a phone call telling me to get my ass home in 5 minutes while at Sonic satisfying my munchies.

    Small town Texas city cops at that
  9. lol id laugh too glad they didnt come that would be shitty if they did
  10. They have the right, obviously, to call and have you arrested. If you have weed or anything illegal, they can have the cops arrest you. They would probably just call the cops to scare you. They would have the cops search and confiscate anything illegal you have.
    It's the cops' decision to charge and arrest you at that point. If your parents wants them to, they will. If they are nice cops, your parents can just let them take all of your bud and shit and leave you to the mercy of your parents.
  11. Hide a nug under their matress so when the dog shows up they get fucked
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  12. Lol when my parents found my bong they smoked out of it instead.
  13. i dont think the cops would bring a dog ever
  14. Friend of mine was put on probation for six months after his mom called the cops on him. Police found a few grams and a 1/5th.

    He hasn't talked to that psycho bitch since.
  15. It happened to my friend once. His parents found his stash and called the cops, so they came and picked him up. He spent the night in jail, and early the net morning they took him back to his house and then dropped him off at school. He didn't face charges though.
  16. Sounds really harsh to me. I've smoked out my mom twice so I'm pretty sure she has no intentions of going all NARC on me...
  17. Alcohol? I never heard anyone use the term fifth for weed lol.

  18. Happened to a friend of mine back in High School. His parents called the 5-0 and he got picked up, spent the night in jail, and he came to school the next day in the same clothes he wore the day before. No deodorant or shower. Smelled like ass and prison food. lol
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  19. I would hope that most parents are capable of handling interfamily matters like this without Provincial/State/Federal intervention.

    By keeping perspective about the issue, and discussing it calmly, a lot more can be achieved than by involving law enforcement. This openness fosters mutual respect, and will help the kids see their parents as people they can talk to; even if they disagree. Perhaps most importantly, those same kids may be more willing to come to their parents about more serious issues in the future -- issues they may otherwise feel a need to hide.

    That's not to say parents should never involve law enforcement. There are extreme situations of all varieties. However, for a first-time marijuana find? That's an extreme kneejerk.

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  20. Yeah back in the day my friends parents came home early, and caught us smoking away at our quad. Called the cops friend got possession charge.
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