Parents asking for weed!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by canabliss, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. :) today i was smoking with some friends when i get a phone call from my mom asking me for weed. i was like okay and gave her a .5 of dank. good day
  2. .5?

    Sounds like a lightweight mini-van wielding soccer mom looking for something to do while her kids are at soccer practice
  3. .5 of some dank can get me stoned...just for one session though, but for somebody's mom it should be good.
  4. a fivechip sesh gets me ripped for like an hour if i smoke it "right".
    should be fine for his mom ahah i know a .5 in a brownie for mine had her straight tripppppppppppppppppppppppin!
  5. I get such a buzzkill when I smoke my mother up. Its just so akward, it just doesn't seem right. My mother never was a pothead, but she was a cokehead, so she is always doing things at a mile a minute, which is annoying as can be, but its nice to know I can give her a bowl of dank and she'll be sleeping in an hour, leaving the place to myself.
  6. Smoking with parents, or just having a weed smokers relationship can be good and bad at times.

    Good because you sometimes get a free bud here and there, if you're out of papers you could ask them and you have somebody to match-up with.

    Bad because its awkward and really weird.

    The ganja brings people together, even family :smoking:
  7. it does feel a little akward
  8. It's only awkward the first hundred times... after that it's cool! LOL
  9. On Family Day (was that in February) of 2008... What'sThatSmell and I had 42g in our possession. It was a lot of weed, and we stored it in a mason's jar.

    Anyways, we went to Cuba for a week, and when we got back, WTS's mom was like "Oh Liz and I took a nug from your jar. This weed is really strong, but we failed at rolling a joint."

    I just laughed at the fact she said "nug". :)

    Parents asking for weed is funny... parents taking your weed to smoke is funnier!
  10. i don't enjoy smoking w/ family really, my grandma was alright, she'd just tell me all kinds of crazy stories about her back in the days and what kids did back then, but my dad gets annoying and never shuts up about stupid things or always forgets what you tell him. I mean its probably not as bad as i make it sound, but it annoys the crap out of me.
  11. Don't be a bitch man some of us aren't as lucky as you :p
  12. .5 should be good enough

    me and some friends smoked .2 of some white widow last night and were pretty blazed.

    I wish my mom would ask me for weed..

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