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  1. So last night I sleptover at my friends house after work, and I work at a clothing store so they tell me to gel my hair and shit. So I sleptover and smoked at my friends house and when I got home I made sure my clothes didn't smell or anything and they didn't.

    Then when my parents got home from church my dad like almost instantly smells my hair and says it smells like insense. The thing is though we didn't even use insense and the smell he smelled is the gel I used, at least i'm pretty sure it is. After my dad says that my mom is like That's a sign of a pot smoker! and my sister was like smokin' a reefa ta ease my mind! Gosh damn why the fuck are they all so suspicious and it's so gay 'cuase when they say somethign I actually have been smoking but they make really stupid connections that possibly don't mean anything.

  2. take a shower
  3. wear a shower cap while smoking =)
  4. haha thats a good idea:D
  5. Well, since your 18 n all you should tell em you smoke. If you cant do that or anything then quit.
  6. man i hate all these "im worried about my parents" threads.. we're all suppose to be 18 and if your really worried about getting busted than move out.
  7. LMAO :D
  8. yeah but the smell in my hair was from gel not weed or insense lol.
  9. Ask them what they've been smoking lol :D

  10. Ummmmmmm
    Every situation is different, it's not like your 18th birthday is some magical day where kittens dance and your parents suddenly stop believing what they have all along. My parents have always been and will always be against smoking, me turning 18 didn't change that.
  11. Tell them it was gel. case closed.
  12. yea i get that, i never said they stop caring i said if its that big of a deal than get out. i did, but i guess some people aren't responsible enough to do that.
  13. Even if he's 18... as long as he's still living at home he can't tell them he smokes because they have the right to take away his shit and invade his privacy. You have to keep in mind... a lot of 18 year olds are seniors in high school... so they don't have a choice but to live at home.
  14. My parents suspect it everywhere I go and ask everytime I leave the house if im going to get used to it
  15. everyone has a choice to leave,, a lot of them just dont take it
  16. Because we cant. Im 18 and a senior in high school. I cant just move out...

    1) Money for place to live??
    2) Job ? cant work that much with school
    3). You shouldnt have to move out then, move out when your done with school or something but asking a 18 year old in high school to provide for himself is a lot.
  17. You can do it. I'm 18 and senior in high school and I'm moving to Rome (about 7,000 miles away from my house) in Sept. It's all a matter of how dedicated you are to wanting to be independent.
  18. So, 18 year olds have sleep overs? I'm just curious.
  19. Hmm. I'm 19 and the only time I sleep at a friends house is when I'm too fucked up to move. Rummy, maybe he isn't all there. :devious::rolleyes:

  20. LOL! I was thinking back to when I was that age and I remembered that anytime I crashed out a friends house, I literally crashed because I was too fucked up to make my way home. :D

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