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Parents are crazy thread...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by squidouttawater, May 11, 2011.

  1. I came home pretty high tonight and i reaked of cigarettes and maybe a hint of bud but my parents don't know the difference. I come home with my gf and they suspect me of smoking. my mom completely completely flips out that I'm wasting my life, when I'm a full-time student and I have a job. I think she dramatized the whole incident. I'm sorry I'm ranting but I'm jsut thinking cuz I'm still pretty ripped. :smoke: What could you say to a parent to make them understand that weed is ok?
  2. i just smoked a bowl with my mother, bitch is crazy
  3. It's almost impossible, they say "mom knows best"...but really she just cares about you...once she realized your grown she probably wont mention it
  4. My mom literally flipped out when she saw a pack of cigs and my monitor on grasscity. I did some damage control and gave her some facts on Mj. Then she said "It would be one thing if you're in school and working fulltime" when I asked her about smoking marijuana. Good sign.
  5. Maybe have a little respect and don't come home smelling like shit?

    Unless you like chemotherapy and chronic vomiting, I suggest cutting out the cigarettes too.
  6. [ame=]YouTube - Parents Just Don't Understand[/ame]

  7. insert "Oh you." pic.
  8. are you kiddin?

    I mean, I understand cigs are nasty and trying to quit myself, but u need to either learn ur shit, or stop spreading ridiculous shit..
  9. Oh, so cigarettes don't cause cancer?
  10. chronic vomiting...
  11. Chemotherapy doesn't cause nausea/vomiting?
  12. My grandpa smoked for like 40 years, my grandma for 60 years, and my other grandma for a long time and none of them died from smoking related diseases. It's not 100% guaranteed.

  13. why risk it? just because they didnt get cancer doesnt mean you wont
  14. Yes. Every single person that smokes even just one cigarette gets cancer. It's not like it takes decades of chain smoking to cause it. :rolleyes:

    Do you drink non filtered tap water ever? It has flouride in it which is known to cause cancer. You'll get cancer from that before you ever will from cigarettes. Why risk it hypocrite? Oh and. Cigarettes DO NOT CAUSE CANCER. Radioactive fertilizer does.
  15. What he means is that cigarettes more than likely give you lung cancer. Sorry bro, its the truth. That's why I quit.
  16. My dad told me once that a joint was as bad for your lungs as an entire pack of cigarettes. Kind of fucked since the guy sold weed in college and did countless other drugs much worse than Maryjane. He was just trying to keep me off weed since it didn't really work out for him, but it was dumb nonetheless.
  17. Yes well exposure to overhead power lines, televisions, microwaves, computers can all increase your risk of cancer. There was a huge study in 2005 that concluded living within 200 meters of high voltage electrical lines raises your risk for childhood leukemia by 70 %.

    115 people die in car accidents in the us every day.

  18. Thanks for the laugh homie :eek:. It takes multiple years of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day to do any serious harm.
  19. Quitting by age 30 reduces your risk of smoking related diseases by over 90%.
    Quitting by 50 reduces your risk 50 %.

    Yet according to people on here every person who tries a cigarette will die from cancer
  20. within 5 minutes because every cig is doused in 1 gallon of cancer causing rat poison..

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