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Parents. and weed!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sshack, May 21, 2010.

  1. #1 Sshack, May 21, 2010
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    Last night I was smoking out my window with my 2 footer. My mom walks in, there's no place or way to hide a fucking 2 foot bong lol. I was like, 'this is exactly what it looks like.' She wasn't mad at all, she was happy I was making the choice to stay away from alcohol, and do something HEALTHIER. The only problem she had with me smoking pot was getting caught, because you get screwed over in NH. I then proceeded to let her take a hit off my bong (LOL), you have no idea how funny this way. We then moved the conversation to the legalization of Marijuana in California (possibility), she had a very good input on the subject, most of which I agreed with. I was scratching my head when she left, thinking about what just unfolded, I was speechless, with a huge grin. I've come to the conclusion my moms pretty cool/chill person.
    Anyone else have a similar experience/talk with their parents about ganj. Do they approve/dissaprove, tell your stories here.
  2. When my grandpa caught me he looked like he was seriously going to punch
    me in the face. Scary experience.
  3. Yeah. It's chill having parents who are cool with it. I've smoked with my dad a few times. It's a great bonding tool between your parents and you.
  4. Damn, you're lucky dude. When my mom found my piece it was a whole different story...
  5. My mom went psycho when she found out I smoked. You could've thought she found an altar to satan in my closet or something. My dad smokes so he didn't really care at the time.
  6. Lol yeah my dad just completely ignores everything. Out of sight, out of mind.

  7. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

    Idk why but thats really funny.
  8. My mom would be cool with it, she'd even want to smoke, but it'd just be too fucking weird. I could never smoke with my mom. Maybe in 10 years or something when I'm in my thirties.
  9. Fuck you all who have cool-ass parents! :devious: :smoke:

    Ha, just playin...not really im pretty fuckin jealous lol

  10. haha great story mann.. "this is exacly what it looks like" :hello: lmao
    My mom know's i toke, she has asked me atleast 5 times, "ey you got any weed.or marijuana? " Usually when she drunk.. Ive found a bowl in her drawer before.. But other than that i dont have a job and im pretty she knows i buy bud and blaze it wit dat money,, But know that your mom knows you toke and even took a hit, you should jus blaze in your room like sitting on ur bed er sumshit. ;)
  11. My granma is kool as hell. She foiund out i smoked from my uncle when he told her me and him smoke at his house. She wasn't to happy then, but she didn't say anything. Later she found my plants and I thought she was gunna kill me. But then she told me i didnt have 2 grow it, i could just ask her 4 some of hers....... So 4 the past 6 months ive been getting high off my Grandma's pot. LoL
  12. when i was 18, my mom took me for my first headshop trip. we drove all the way from south of boston to headlines in new hampshire. she bought me my first real piece, a heady spoon. ive never smoked out of anything but glass every since. over 10 years. :smoke:
  13. Great story bro. i hope its true. thats just epic. How old are you both because that can make all the difference when she decided to smoke with you.

    Also, ask her if you can just blaze in your room now and not have to hide shit and blow smoke out the window.
  14. Shit, you're lucky. My parents are the biggest fucking anti-drugs people i've ever seen. Well, my mom's been a bit chill about pot lately, but when my drug test showed coke.. Haha.

    But on the other hand, my grandma's fucking the opposite, she used to do blow and still rarely blazes :D MMJ haha.
  15. Im pretty sure every single parent would freak about coke, its really bad for you unlike marijuana
  16. Not a word of a life, I actually said those words too. If this story is funny to you, you have no idea how I felt. Completely at a loss of words.
  17. My mom would probably rather have me do coke than marijuana.
    She haaaates marijuana!!
  18. My mom has never found my pieces or pipes or weed or anything, all she ever found was a scale.

    And that was not trillsville bro.
  19. Man that story is legendary xD......Closest thing ive had to that was i was having a sesh at my old highschool with some friends and this custodian came out that we ALL talked to in highschool....we ended up smoking him up...was jokes.
  20. my mom is really anti weed, and flips out on me. my dad doesnt really care haha

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