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  1. i noticed that allot of parents seem to smoke weed on these forums. ive been told that doing drugs make you irresponsible my whole life, so i want to see how well that holds true on these forums. I see ppl saying all the time my parents are okay with me smoking weed or they are cool with it, and i always stop and say,"i wish my parents were like that..." now i want you guys to tell me, if your parents smoke weed or do anyother drug, are they as helpful as others or mine, like hleping me with homework and projects, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry...I just want a opinion
  3. whats that supposed to mean if you don't mind me asking
  4. Ya I think it's a fine question...... Can't answer it though
  5. weed is a guarantee what?

  6. Ignore that, he gets his jollies by driving away new members.

    Anyway.. My parents were never really 'cool' with it, but they knew they couldn't stop me from making my own educated decisions. They used to do it when they were younger..

    And nah, they weren't the type to help with my school work or laundry or anything like that.. I kinda did my thing and they did theirs.
  7. yea, in my group of friends, im the kid that has the parents that ARENT cool with it. Everyone else's parents either toke up and are chill or they are just cool with it and dont mind.
  8. ty all for your educated or atleast nonnegative answers, i was rlly just curious and also just trying not to write my essays that are due tomorrow
  9. Wait...I thought I saw somehting in your first post about irresponsibility. You might wanna get to that essay bro.
  10. this suprised me how little ppl responded, oh well...bumpdy bum bum BUMP!!!!
    Merry Blazemas to all
  11. i grew up with partying parents. they would have late night parties, smoke weed, do coke and who knows what else when i was young. they had sex parties and treated us like shit. Dad beat us, mom was a drunk stoner coke head. There was always at least QP in a bowl under her bed.

    i don't think it worked out too well for them. she killed herself and dad is an asshole child abuser..
  12. Well..
    my mom isn't only ok with me smoking weed, she taught me how and everything there is to know on it. She still lights up daily, works 6 days a week and everything so i'd say she isn't all that lazy.
  13. i turned out ok.
  14. i AM a parent and i have a VERY healthy and happy baby, i still do laundry and cant wait till i can help him with homework and teach other things in life
    my mom wasnt a user, but she was ok with what i did as long as i never lied to her and was respectful and smart about what i was up to, im a counselor, mom, home maker, animal advocate, started a rescue shelter and a whole mess of other pretty sure that i turned out ok and that my kid will turn out to be just as fine
    also i have absolutely NO criminal record

  15. I smoked weed and it turned me into an irresponsible unmotivated outcast of society. My dad is pretty much straight edge, doesnt drink or do any drugs, but it didn't mean that I turned out to be a star member of society.

    Haha and no weed didn't actually cause me to become a POS. I'm just down in a hole at the moment and unemployed cuz its fuckin impossible for me to find a job, it's like nobody wants to hire me, and that was before the economy went to shit, I can't imagine how hard it would be to find a job now.

    Also theres plenty of irresponsible people who don't do drugs that have kids, and most of them ended up with kids because of having sex irresponsibly haha.
  16. My dad was super pissed when he found out. Now, he does not care one bit. I've had it out in front of him and he does not even flinch. He does not do any drugs, barely drinks, and works his ass off for his money.

    If I ever have kids, I won't be smoking at that time if it's still illegal. I think it's irresponsible to have children around illegal activity.

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